Are you enough sensitive to your feeling senses?


Do you know how to live more fully? Your feeling senses

The feeling is an important sense, especially to collect emotional impressions coming from the outside. Then we feel what is good for us and what is not. It applies to food as well as people and feelings associated with them. We can also sense danger in outer surroundings lurking on us, when we ignore our experience.

A sense of feeling is especially important to receive sensations coming from within our body when we are sick or something aches us. In fact this is "body signaling," and it is worth “exploring” it and learning to read "internal messages".

There are people who have a much more sensitive sense of hearing, seeing, feeling themselves and others. These people may be “equipped” with clairvoyant or clairaudient powers. These are "the gifts of our nature" or skills which we can exercise to perfection and to be “equipped” with. We can practice it or have it since birth as an ability which sometimes develops at “the cost” of other less developed abilities.

Every person, especially a woman, may feel an increased range of perception, for example, hyperopia, hyperacusis, a wider range of sensory sensitivity. It can sometimes occur due to some negative experience or post-partum trauma.

Making use of our feelings we can learn conscious perception, not automatic, mindless, habitual one. As a result we can feel joy of experiencing, thereby improving the quality of our life and health.

Through self-experiencing we learn:

- Concentration at: a subject, learning, perception, person
- Attention
- Expression of what I can see, hear and feel
- Various manners of perception
- Self-awareness / also of our actions

Everyone is different: he/she sees, hears, feels differently. There is no other person like you. Getting to know others we are able to expand a range of our possibilities of experiencing ourselves and the world.

With my best wishes,

Dr Ewa Danuta Bialek

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