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About Ewa Danuta Bialek

I specialized in clinical diagnosis and have a Ph.D. in immunology. For many years I worked in research at the Medical University of Warsaw, Poland (Medical School) & Postgraduate Medical Center (23 years). I completed postgraduate studies in psychology at the Summit University (USA), certified as a trainer of Psychosynthesis (IAMOP - USA) and the American University of NLP - as a Certified Life Coach and Master Life Coach. I am the author of over 130 publications and 30 books (and self-guides), published in Polish language, most of them relating to health promotion (including heart intelligence) and have lectured at numerous conferences concerning the environment, health and education.

In 1997, I established the Association "Education for the Future" in Warsaw, writing programs and books and organizing scientific and educational conferences. Over the past 20 years I have developed a practical program of self-education for health ("Education for health in the family, school and the world"), based on my own educational materials, which are used to prepare educators and consultants.

In 2004 I founded the pioneering organization: The Institute of Psychosynthesis (Centre of Sustainable Human Development) in Warsaw, Poland. Being a scientist for years, I discovered, bringing the psychosynthesis approach, a way back to health, especially in the conditions of depression, of long-term stress, fibromyalgia, PTSD and CF. I started to write books serving as to find the core of our being and inner harmony (homeostasis) in the body, mind and spirit.

For many years, based on my longitudinal experience in research in medicine and learning Psychosynthesis on myself, I used Psychosynthesis in “health education”, finding blueprint of health (wellness, well-being) deposited in everybody. It was clear to me that the search for well-being, is the same as the search for Personal self and climb up to the Higher Self. This is the essence of Psychosynthesis, so this was the essence of my teaching, showing the way to the essence of each other.

I wrote many books (30), in which I described my way back to health (from childhood traumas) and they serve the people as a guide - how to do it, bringing hope that a coming back to health is possible. For me it has never been therapy, only education about how to find the center, have access to it. I learned in this - being in the center, the Wellness Center in oneself.

In the meantime, my dream of education, as a social welfare has been waiting, but rather evolved from a single person in a broader context. I introduced it firstly into schools for children and teachers as "education for health” and “self-education”. I taught it occasionally on an academic level.

There was recently another possibility to integrate growing luxuriantly Wellness industry. Wellness is a collection of various possibilities for enhance quality of life as a sport’s movement, improving body condition, beauty, using a variety of supplements aimed at a more healthy diet. For me this has a much broader dimension. It is my understanding to create the foundations of a new System of Health Promotion - as an alternative to treatment of diseases. It has to be a coherent system of education, integrating the various approaches to health, a variety of methods and technologies for the individual man, the family and the local community.

Psychosynthesis is for me a great model of integration and synthesis for multi-sectoral (multidimentional)  education for creating synergies of people, building a System of Wellness.

Recently I started to establish my vision of education for the future as a co-creative initiative for individuals, innovators, institutions and academia named the Uni-versity (Uni-ty in Di-versity) for  the Science of the Self and Life.

The most important of my books are as follows:

 “Quantum Man”; “Sustainable Child’ development in light of new challenges”; “Health Education in Practice”; “Psychosomatic, Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of the Diseases Caused by Stress”, “Fibromyalgia – is there a hope to recover?”, “Leaders of tomorrow. New entrepreneurship in the light of civilization challenges”; “Wellness. Creating the Health anew” and many more.

My two books are translated into English: Healing Fibromyalgia. Mind&Body; and 40 Truths from my Inner Child. Inner Child Healing

Ewa Danuta Bialek Success Stories

Thanks to life conditions

Single women

Dear Ewa, It's been 12 years since the completion of my yearly Psychosynthesis course, and I am using still what I had learned on it .

Recently, once more I looked into the notes of our exercises. One of the last tasks we were required  to write, what our life would be like in 10 years. I vividly remember my insight and need I confess to you, Ewa, that after reading the description for this task then I had many doubts concerning the possibility of realization of my plans and dreams. However, now, in retrospect, I see that I was able to accomplish everything. I think that
psychosynthesis contributed to a large extent to my success

First of all, I now perceive differently the meaning and purpose of my life . Moreover, after years of relentless diseases, I regained health, joy of life and enthusiasm .

2 years after our last workshop, I discovered a talent for painting and  painting is my passion for this day. I would never think that I could paint, although I looked at the work artists in an open air with great recognition and a certain envy . I am convinced that my symbolic drawing of my insights during our workshop’s exercises  launched the „spark” of my gift.

After the course a variety of interesting proposals emerged in my life, as well as the possibilities and interests. I know that everything I have „sowed" during the psychosynthesis workshops . I found confirmation of these in my notes from that period ..

Often I used to, and still am using your books. I lend them to my friends, when they have problems in life, helping them to find new solutions and it works.

Ewa, I wish you many successes in your work and all the best in your life.

 Krystyna Formanowicz (A former teacher) 

My remarks concerning a workshop with Ewa

Women dealing with stress

I think that if you don't take care of yourself, it is really no one for you to do it. I, personally have the greatest impact on my health. When I am among my relatives with whom I have deeper contact,  I feel more healthy, happy, or calm. When I feel badly, my relationships with family or friends worsening.more

Now I realize how important is insight into oneself, a moment of relaxation, tranquility. Then I have more opportunities to analyze what is good for me. I'm ready to do much more to be able to enjoy good health as long as possible, as well as my immediate family, so the experience gained in the classroom also convey to them. It is also important to trust myself . Although I always thought that I had the confidence, during the course I realized that thanks to them I'm even more self-confident .


My health is the most important subject in my life

Women dealing with work related stress

I put my health into first place in my life. It is invaluable and can’t be purchased. I look retrospectively into my life and only now I appreciate its value. As time goes by, I cope with race, stress, and everyday problems has led me to emotional exhaustion. At the beginning I didn’t  understand what was happening to me. I sought help from many doctors who couldn’t give me it. The problem in fact stuck deeply in me. When I realized my inner strength , I understood also to fight for the quality of my life and health. I am able to help myself. So I started to relax, create positive thoughts. I started to play sports and changed my diet. Everything came back to normal state and now I know that my life is in my hands . Health is invaluable to me .

I appreciate my life


Health is very important to me, both physical and mental. It was during these lessons I have learned a lot about watching itself, the meaning of my own needs, which affects me a lot. I can better cope with my emotions and I can find a reason of them. To keep mental health in good condition, more and more I reflect on my own life, what I'm doing about and where I am going, I look inside myself and find answers to emerging questions in my head . That's why I see more and feel better cooperation with physical and mental health. I appreciate who I am and I’m very happy with the reality that surrounds me.

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