18 Cute Things Guys Do That Prove They'll Make Excellent Husbands Someday

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How will you know that this guy you adore will make an excellent life-partner?

Is he the real thing?

Falling and staying in love is a two-way street. When it's real and has the potential to be a long-term emotional connection, both of you express with authentic honesty.  

Guys often have trouble outwardly demonstrating how they feel about the significant other in their life. Yet, if you pay close attention to certain things that he does or says on a regular basis, you can tap into the pattern of behaviors that make you feel loved and cherished.  

Most of all, you begin to feel that no matter what, he is there for you and you feel safe being authentically you on good days or bad. 

Here are 18 examples of what you might observe in your relationship with someone who has serious potential, and signs he'll be a good husband.

1. He makes soulful eye contact while kissing your fingertips.

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. When your man looks with soft eyes into yours and his lips brush your fingertips and you feel tingly all over, the chemistry is right. 

The more gentleness he brings to you, the more trust and safety he evokes.  

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2. He calls to tell you he’s on his way and asks if he can pick anything up for you.

Your man demonstrates that he is making you a priority. He wants you to know that he is respectful of your time. 

His call could also let you know that he might be a bit delayed because? He is not afraid to tell you the because. He always wants you to know how important you are to him. 

3. He strokes your hair while your head is resting in his lap.

There is nothing more soothing than to have gentle fingers running through your hair when resting on your beloved's lap. It makes you feel safe and honored and also stimulates endorphins that create feelings of deep love

4. He spontaneously speaks sweet nothings, softly in your ear. 

When the man in your life is spontaneous, the deliciousness of a simple, "I love you!" whispered in a soft breathy voice in your ear, plays well on your heartstrings!  

6. He holds your hand whether you are in public or alone on the beach.

Hand-holding is such a comforting behavior, especially between lovers. The energy transmitted between palms and fingers is comforting and speaks a language all its own. 

Pay attention to the energy between you. And when combined with silent eye gazing — WOW!   

7. He helps you with your chores.

Sharing chores is a great sign that he is going to take responsibility for participating in the long haul. His expectation is not for you to be the sole source of doing chores. 

Even if you are not living together yet, he finds joy in doing laundry with you or taking out your trash. He might even help you hang a picture or fix a leaky sink. 

8. He shares your love of animals and demonstrates it. 

Fur babies are important members of the family. If you are attached to a fur baby, this guy would demonstrate his desire to incorporate this being into your relationship. 

He might walk the pet, bring the pet a toy, and even offer to pet sit if you are away. 

9. He knows how to make you feel better when it’s been a trying week or you are not feeling well. 

He is not afraid to take care of you with TLC.  e might arrange a picnic to get you away from the daily challenges of your job. 

He might also bring you chicken soup and ice cream when you are not feeling well.   

10. He remembers the day you first met with a card or a flower.

Special days in your life are often forgotten by most men, unless they are reminded. When your man remembers you with a simple sweet gesture, that is a sign that he is a keeper. 

What is really special is when he sends flowers or balloons just because. 

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11. He asks you about your day and then listens to what you say.

There is a very special bond in a relationship when each of you has the opportunity to be each other's sounding board around daily life. 

Jobs, family, and life's challenges should always be addressed with compassionate communication. He is willing and wanting to know what upsets you and what makes you happy.  

12. He whispers discretely in your ear when you have kale caught between your teeth or when your blouse is buttoned wrong.

When a man loves you enough to discretely point out circumstances which may cause you embarrassment, it may seem like a no-brainer. 

But to know that your man feels comfortable quietly letting you know when something is amiss creates a sense of confidence that he has your back at all times.  

13. He recognizes when it is "that time of the month" and gives you a great back rub and tells you how beautiful you are.

This is a very important factor in long-term well-being. Many men don't want any involvement in "womanly" issues and avoid them like the plague.

It is a great sign that he is life mate material when he acknowledges the womanly concerns and discomforts. It is rather a sign that he will be a participating partner when you are ready to start a family. 

14. He treats your family and your friends with deep respect and caring.

How your man interacts with your family and friends is a very important factor. He is not only respectful of them; he is also respectful of the time you choose to share with them. 

15. He Introduces you to his friends as his beloved.

A man who makes sure that he introduces his beloved to family, friends, and co-workers in a way that demonstrates he considers her a potential wife is a keeper! 

He is not ashamed to be involved and in love and he makes that known to all in his life. 

16. He keeps his personal space neat and homey.

By paying attention to his domestic habits when you are not living together, you notice little things. He owns a vacuum cleaner and he uses it. He picks up his clothes and keeps a tidy home space. 

He enjoys making his living environment attractive and comfortable. This is a trait he will bring with him as a husband. 

17. He balances his work with his play time.  

While he may be truly dedicated to his job, he also recognizes that his relationship with you is a priority as well. 

So he will choose to balance accordingly. He recognizes and demonstrates that his role as a lover, friend, and life partner is just as important as a successful career.

18. He loves to do things together yet respects when you need to have some personal space.

We all need our alone time. This is a man who will allow spaces in your togetherness. There will be no resentment when you need a spa day with the girls or a day to just be you with you.  

The most significant sign that your guy has the potential to be your life partner is actually that you feel it in your soul.

You can be authentically you, messy hair, no makeup, sometimes grouchy and even a bit bitchy. But he still accepts and loves the authentic you. You need not pretend to be more than you are. You feel safe being vulnerable when you are with him. At the same time, you know he honors your independence.

That being said, remember that love is a two-way street. Look within yourself and know that there is nothing that you want to change about him. Don't expect him to change for you once you are committed for life.  

Throw away the phrase, "If you loved me, you would…" 

True love is not about compromising the authentic self within in each of you. True love is about holding space for each other to evolve and grow.  

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EveLynn Maurine, is metaphysical minister, Intimacy and Relationship Coach and Somatic Practitioner with over 20 years of accumulated knowledge and wisdom. She facilitates empowerment workshops and gatherings for women and couples in Wisconsin and Central  Florida. You can contact her through her website.