4 Secrets To A Stress-Free Thanksgiving


Follow these quick tips to make this Thanksgiving your best yet!

4. Make Time To Relax And Rejuvenate. Ensure this is your best holiday season ever by giving yourself the gift of self-care throughout November and December. Talk to your friends and family about steps you can take as a group to lower stress, make your time together the most meaningful, and incorporate more healthy food and movement into holiday celebrations. Considering the economy, most people will be interested in scaling back on holiday gift buying so, if you haven't already, start the tradition of drawing names to cut down on family gifts which will immediately unload gift buying pressure and help you enjoy Thanksgiving more.

Continue to exercise at least three times a week even if you just take a quick walk after work or do some stretching and strength training while watching TV. Every amount of movement will help you feel better so find new ways to squeeze some exercise into your busy holiday schedule, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or going out dancing or on a walk with friends instead of meeting for dinner. Make at least 10 minutes or more each day for a relaxation technique you enjoy, either taking a warm bubble bath, yoga, meditation, journaling, or laughing with a good friend. 6 Tips To Minimize Holiday Stress

However you choose to celebrate this Thanksgiving, take time for you and connecting with the people you enjoy being with the most in your life.  Setting your focus on gratitude will make your holiday lighter, more meaningful and more fun and could create a practice that you may choose to carry over into your life long after Thanksgiving is over. 

If you want to make a special time to relax and rejuvenate before the holiday, please join me in a free pre-Thanksgiving Guided Meditation Teleseminar I'm hosting on Sunday November 20th at 6pm ET/3pm PT. This free call will have a 25-30 minute guided meditation followed by 15-20 minutes where you can ask any questions you have about relaxation, stress-reduction and meditation. Even if you cannot attend the call live, go ahead and  sign up now and you will receive an mp3 recording you can use to help you relax anytime you want.