Breaking The Spell Of Advertising


Discover how appreciating your body & inherent beauty can bring more pleasure to your relationships.

Many would agree that as a culture we have been seduced by industries that spend billions of dollars each year encouraging us to buy and buy and buy to try to achieve an elusive and unfeasible ideal of beauty.

Millions of our friends, family and neighbors feel so tortured by this unattainable standard of beauty that they are willing to starve themselves, make themselves sick or avoid interaction with others because they feel ashamed of being seen.  On the less extreme scale, millions of others feel disappointed about their bodies and believe that somehow not being able to reach this external ideal takes away from their inherent value as people.

When you think about how discouraged so many people in our society feel about their bodies and the way they look, it's clear that it's time to break this spell of advertising and find a new way of relating to our bodies and our inherent beauty that really honors the whole of who we are-mind, body and spirit.

There aren't any pat answers on how to do this, but I believe that it's time that we start asking ourselves some good questions to help find a way out of this seduction and instead transform our relationships with ourselves, our beauty, our bodies and looks that empower rather than drain or frustrate us.  Once we free up our energy in this way, we'll have much more time to enjoy the pleasure our bodies can bring us in our daily lives and in our relationships.

Here are a few questions that might be helpful to explore:

  • What would my life look like if decided to set my own internal compass for appreciating my true radiant beauty of body and spirit?
  • Who are some role models I can look to in helping me tap into becoming comfortable with my body?
  •  How would I feel if I choose to start acknowledging and appreciating my body for all that it allows me to experience and do in the world?
  •  Who would I become if I decided to stop judging my body and my looks and instead decided to love and celebrate who I am?

I invite you to explore these questions and to consider how much more fun you will have in your life when you start embracing your true beauty and your body as a source of pleasure instead of a source of shame, stress, or worry.  Experiment with how you feel when you approach your body from a place of acceptance or appreciation and see how this can transform your ease at receiving love in your most intimate relationships.