Why Online Dating Works: A Rebuttal

Dating Websites: Why They Work

Online dating is flawed. But if you're 30+, busy, and rarely date, it's the best medium you've got.

We all know the answer: people.

Women who sign up for a site expecting to find love in 30 days.
Men who "wink" at every attractive woman on the site to get attention.
Women who think that the cutest guy on the site is only talking to her.
Men who think that giving their phone number in the first e-mail is effective.

Just like people are the reason that people are overweight, or people are the reason that people are in debt and have no savings, people are the reason that algorithms haven't magically forced us into happy marriages.

People who think they shouldn't have to write a good profile.
People who think they should trade up for more attractive dates.
People who think that they should fall in love on the first date.

Finally, people who think that dating sites are responsible for human flaws: impatience, narcisissm, unrealistic expectations, insecurity, lack of resilience, and poor communication.

I respect the author as a man who has devoted his life to helping women understand men. But I think he has done online dating sites and single people a severe disservice by presuming the worst about online dating.

Online dating is far from perfect. But if you're single, older than 30, and rarely go on dates from "real life", it’s the best we've got. Better to learn how to use it effectively than to complain how much it sucks.