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3-5 years


New York NY 10001 - United States



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Author, Business Coach, Career Coach, Consultant, Dating Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, Money Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

The quieter you become the more you can hear. - Ram Dass-

About Esther Friedman

Passionate About Inspiring Others.

I believe all things lead to good. I share stories of overcoming some of the greatest challenges I have come up against.

Letting go of unhealthy codependent relationships.

Being a performer yet suffering from the fear of being visible.

Letting go of the belief that being visible is being vulnerable and being vulnerable is dangerous.

Learning that being vulnerable is real authentic power

Learning how to not debt

Learning that debting is a symptom of low self esteem

Overcoming under being and underachieving

Letting go of smoking cigarettes so I could deal with the feelings I was covering up.

Learning ways to be resourceful with creativity and finances

Learning how to face my fear of abandonment

Stop abandoning myself


What it is like now...


Creative producer, actress, filmmaker, expert at YourTango, Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Coach


Raised in New York City I have performed on Broadway (Starbuds)  and off-Broadway productions (Random Sharp Objects).  I can be seen on TV shows such as Gilmore Girls & Divorce and films such as Norbit,  plus nominated for best actress in the short film Hillary.


I continue to embark on a life in the arts.  Seeking new challenges and experiences I was inspired to become a Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, which helped me overcome my own personal struggles with low self esteem, co-dependence... shifting to empowerment in career and personal relationships.  


Having  great breakthroughs using EFT, I have become inspired to produce, write and perform again plus passionately coach and teach EFT, holding a safe space for others to heal and transform.


As a certified EFT Coach for 4 years, who teaches this stress management tool, I help clients release and transform much faster than talk therapy. For 6 years I enjoyed my work as a Project Coordinator at The International Trauma Healing Center. Having 15 years of recovery, I have experience working within the 12 step community around nicotine, debting, under-earning, love addiction and Adult Child of Alcoholic (ACA) issues. I have over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry as an actress, writer, and producer. I continue to live in my vision as a creative artist through writing and acting.

Let me support you by helping you…
Identify and release emotional blocks so you can live your creative life fully.
Bring a creative project into the world. 
Establish a self-care practice while starting or growing your own creative business. 
Get clarity with your finances, creating realistic spending plans to help support your visions.

Esther Friedman Success Stories

Working with you

Women in complicated relationships

"Thanks so much for your such effective sessions.  I got a lot more out of them than I expected.more

I LOVED working with YOU!  You're energy is soothing and you're also light & funny at the same time.  Doing Skype was great because I didn't have to leave my house!.  The sessions were surprisingly effective in changing my agitated state and I could feel the changes in my body."
— Ruth - Los Angeles -  November 2013


Stay within my body

Women involved with infidelity

"The tapping is part of a larger effort to stay in my body rather than escape into my mind. Thank you for your help!"
— Sally - North Carolina -  November  2014more

Boundaries with family and friends during the holidays

Women in complicated relationships

"I wanted to thank you.  The work you did with me served me well during the holidays. A huge payoff to keep within my own boundaries"
- Rosa - South Carolina - December 2014more

It went phenomenally well...

Women in complicated relationships

Hi Esther,
First convo down: it went phenomenally well. New territory in so many ways, for both of us. Even though I felt like I stumbled through it, I didn't betray myself. And I don't think I could've asked for a better and more honest and loving outcome.
The second talk may never happen, unfortunately. But even if that is the case, I'm grateful that my anxiety about it brought me to see you and how it helped me learn what I did. 
Thank you again.