Be Stress Free At Thanksgiving Dinner


Getting anxious for Thanksgiving dinner?

Maybe you are the one hosting, maybe you need to travel to get there. Here is a simple "Emotional Freedom Technique" for dealing with anxiety of Thanksgiving dinner before you enter the door or sit down at the table.

So many things can cause us to become anxious before Thanksgiving. I'm going to discuss tapping on the anxiety of being around some family members who will be in the same room.

  • Maybe family relations are at an all time low this particular year.
  • Arriving to dinner solo and single again causes angst and the hope that no one asks you why you are still single.
  • A family member continues to not acknowledge your presence or accomplishments.
  • A family member negates your efforts to improve your life
  • An estranged brother arrives intoxicated, and like clockwork, reminds you that you took his boyfriend away in kindergarten.

At times all the self composure we have when we are not around some family members throughout the year may come out of the bag on this very special day. Sometimes, unconsciously we hold on to resentments we've repressed that do not come up until the end of the year. This causes us to become anxious that some things might get said in an unflattering manner.

Before resentments pile up give yourself the gift of taking care of you before arriving to your destination. You can do a mini tap in the car, on the bus, in the plane. When it comes to your own emotional well-being do whatever it takes.

Let's Begin

Where are you tense in your body?

Is it in the shoulders, in your stomach, back of your head, etc.? How intense are your body sensations? Rate them between a 1-10. (1) being low and (10) being high. Now that you have your number. Focus on those intense bodily sensations as we begin to tap.

Now Link Your Emotions Physically (Using EFT Tapping):

**Full description of the abbrevations are at the end of this article.

  • KC Even though I am anxious about being with some of my family members today, I can choose to love and accept myself anyway.
  • KC Even though it does not always feel safe for me during the holidays, I can accept how I feel now.
  • KC Even though I don't feel safe to show up, I am accepting where I am now.
  • EB I'm anxious.
  • SE I don't feel safe showing up.
  • UE I'm overwhelmed.
  • UN I'm anxious.
  • CH I don't really want to go.
  • CB The holidays are suppose to be fun.
  • UA It's always stressful for me.
  • TH I wish I didn't have to go.
  • EB Maybe I can be less anxious.
  • SE I don't know what that feels like yet.
  • UE In fact, it's dangerous to not be on guard.
  • UN Maybe I won't have to be on guard.
  • CH Maybe I can let go of this anxiety.
  • CB Maybe I can slowly let go of this anxiety.
  • UA Let go of this anxiety.
  • TH Letting go of this anxiety.

Take a deep breath.  Check in with your body.  Did your starting number go up or down? If it went up you can still tap until it goes down.  If it does not go down it may be a sign that you need extra support. If it went down a notch, keep tapping until you get it down to a 2-3 or zero before entering the room and sitting down. Comment below and let me know how it went.

**Description of the 9 basic tapping points

  • KC - Karate Chop. Take your fingers on your right hand and tap the fleshy part on the side of the left hand. Tap on it 3x while repeating the set up statement.
  • EB - Eye Brow point in between the eyes.
  • SE - Side of the Eye
  • UE - Under the Eye
  • UN - Under the Nose
  • CH - Chin
  • CB - Collar Bone
  • UA - Under the Arm
  • TH - Top of the Head

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