Move On From Your Ex With EFT!—Trust Us IT'S TIME

Move on

STOP STALKING YOUR EX! Follow this technique and learn to MOVE ON!—Trust us IT'S TIME

It is such a big deal to make the decision to not look up your ex-partner on social media. It is an even a bigger deal to be committed to your intention on a daily basis. 

Looking up ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, ex-husbands, ex-wives, ex-life partner's is legal in the privacy of your own home, yet that's it ... you do it privately ... isolated. In the new world we now have internet addiction. Social media addiction. Googling your ex partners name in advance searches. Call it what you want, it's called stalking.

Clients come to me because they don't want anyone else in their circle to know what they are doing. They have too much shame that they can not stop. They are afraid someone will judge them. Call them a freak.

Remember the female astronaut that wore diapers while driving cross country to confront her ex lover's new lover? If you remember that you may remember telling yourself that woman was crazy. Yeah, ok maybe she was but sorry obsessively searching ex partners on the web in the dark is also insane. It will drive you bonkers if you continue to do it.

I love teaching clients how to use EFT—Emotional Freedom Techniques to relieve that anxiety of looking up their ex partners on social media. When tapping and acknowledging the desire to look up the ex, we usually pull back the onion of what is really going on. The addiction or desire to look up the ex usually has nothing to do with the ex. That is why I love EFT, because the technique helps clients get to the core of the issue. Once we get to the core then there is no need to look them up again. That's real freedom.

Here is a quick video to use EFT before you stalk your ex on social media. 

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