Are Work Schedules Tearing You Apart?


Not seeing him enough contributed to my breakup.

This question is different from what I’ve read so far…

My ex and I dated for just under 3 months about 4 years ago. The chemistry and compatibility between us was the strongest either of us admittedly felt before. But his work schedule projects kept him busy as did mine and we didn’t get alot of face-to-face time then. I craved more time with him but didn’t voice my desire because I didn’t want to impress him as being needy. I came to the emotional conclusion that I would get hurt and so I cut off all contact with him, not even giving him a reason as to why. For all he knew, I fell off the face of the earth. Well, 2 years ago he located me on Facebook and we talked about why I left but we didn’t delve into it too deep because at that time I was in the middle of cancer treatments. He wanted to see me but I refused, stating that I didn’t want him to see me as I was at that time. He said he didn’t care but still I refused. He was seeing someone else at the time and said it was basically the rebound after I left, he never was able to get me off his mind, etc. A lot of things that sounded sweet and heartfelt and…you get the idea, right? So, knowing I would not get involved while I looked like crap and felt like crap, I did not contact him any further. I wanted to follow the advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back.

Well, I went on to complete treatments and get back to normal. Then just this past October, I came across his old email and for grins, I emailed it to see if I would get a reply. Sure enough I did. And it has been since then that we both have discussed at length about why I left and what he was feeling for me then, how much it really hurt him and our current situations now.

So at this time, we live 290 miles apart, both in our last semesters to complete degrees, and not able to move without incurring considerable debt.

We haven’t really discussed how to proceed other than him saying he can’t move just yet or weekends when we are both available. I did see him last weekend and the moment we saw each other, we both grinned. He said “yeah, it’s still there.”

So, I guess my question to you is….what do I need to do? I have resolved that I am not going to get scared and bail on him, I’m not going to leave just because things are not moving fast enough for me as I did before.

I do need some solid advice – not from any of the dumb women’s magazines and not from well-meaning friends.

Thank you.