Advice For Relationship Mistakes


Now I saw what you said about the rule of thumb being three months, but my ex and I

Hi Essy.

I really need some advice.

Now I saw what you said about the rule of thumb being three months, but my ex and I have been ‘dating’ for about three months and in a relationship for about 6 weeks.
I made some major mistakes in our relationship, like the fact that he is always hanging around his female friends, or the fact that he let one female friend stay over at his house on her way to Saskatchewan to see her boyfriend.

Now, I wasn’t necessarily thrilled about this, but I accepted it and was supportive and trusted him.. But I think he sensed my discomfort. Also, I got mad at him because a couple times when he told me he would call at a certain time he would forget {he has a really bad memory} and would call hours later (like 6 hrs later)… He says my bringing things up like this is just complaining and he is sick of fighting. He was SO cold on the phone breaking up.

Saying his feelings are gone and it’s over and done with… But the thing is.. That just a few short days ago he was saying the exact opposite.. Telling me he loved me and misses me when I am gone and that we are going to last a very long time.

Now, I must mention, that he does tend to make snap decisions when he is angry, I read you guide on how to get back your ex boyfriend. And this isn’t the first snap decision he has made.. He has done this before.. But I managed to talk to him and make him realize the error of his ways.. But this time it’s like he’s not receptive at all to this…

Him and I have a lot of history together.. We dated for a while a couple years back when my daughter was just a couple months old, but we kinda lost touch and he had to move back home for a while due to financial stresses.

Also, this is something he told me but I don’t really believe it.

He told me that he can’t handle a relationship with a child involved. That my daughter {she is three now} is causing distance in our relationship and he can’t handle it.. That he thought in the beginning he could but he can’t.. Honestly, I think he is just using her as an excuse.. They get along great and she adores him and vice versa…

I want him back. I may be naive but I don’t believe it’s over. What do I do?