How to Find the Gifts From Your Break-Up

Heartbreak, Self

Even in the most painful lessons in life lie gifts; it’s just a matter of us becoming aware of them.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s my greatest gift of all? As difficult as it may be to heart, your ex and your break-up is a huge gift to you.

Even in the most excruciatingly painful lessons in life lie gifts; it’s just a matter of us becoming aware of them.

No matter how you feel about your relationship right now, I suggest that you begin to see it as one of the greatest gifts that you have ever received. This gift is that your ex, your experience in the relationship, and even the fact that it ended can help you become a more evolved person.

Being with your ex awoke these gifts in you. You have gained more knowledge, tried new things, and gotten to know yourself better. Now it is your chance to to take that knowledge and do something with it.

It is easy to find gratitude in life when things are going well - like when you first fall in love, what I call La La Land. It might seem more challenging to be grateful when life isn’t going in the direction that we think it should - like when a break-up happens.

You think, “Why do I deserve this? Or, “It’s unfair.” However this is the time when the greatest gifts can be received. If you look deep enough, there will be something there. You can experience an awakening. When one door closes, another always opens.

If you are not grateful for what you have been given, then how can you expect to be given more.

Once you truly begin to feel this relationship as a gift, you won’t feel the negativity of the break-up weighing heavily in your life. You are more likely to see the gifts when you are balanced and centered within yourself. Try to focus on the things from the relationship that you are grateful for. I’m not talking about sugar coating or glossing over the negatives, rather holding them in balance with the positives. When you can see the negative and positive in a situation, you are no longer a victim - always tense, on red alert and shut down. You are FREE!

“Every person who has ever come to you has come to receive a gift from you. In so doing, he gives a gift to you - the gift of your experiencing and fulfilling Who You Are.” Neale Donald Walsch

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