Pandemic Dating Is Awesome!

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Things suck right now. I normally like to look at things positively and I am a fan of the lack of traffic but I'm right there with you in saying, I miss being able to do things. BUT dating isn't on hold until there is a vaccine. Sure, there is currently an added challenge to what is already a challenging situation but do we just go home if our freeway ramp is closed or do we reroute and head to next ramp?! 

There’s a lot of guys whining right now about how they “weren’t doing well before the pandemic and now they literally think I have the plague UGH I’m never going to get laid.”

First of all you should have taken my six week course, The Art Of Pickup ,and acquired the skills to approach women with confidence and leave them wanting more.. and you still can.. but you haven't yet.. 

Second, you’re antisocial and awkward, the pandemic is literally a godsend for your love life! Now you can take the time to think before you respond. All the women of the world have taken to the Internet to find love and you happen to have Wi-Fi!! 

You can control your image while showcasing the great and leaving out the fact that you collect your toenail clippings, which by the way is really weird. 

Things are finally working in your favor. If you’d like help setting up your profile and choosing images I’d be happy to do so. Otherwise, when you start talking to a girl online and you’re ready to meet, remember we are in a pandemic but it’s just like adding another STD to the mix except you can catch COVID-19 even if she just blows you a kiss. Keeping that in mind have an open conversation and if either party has been taking risks there are testing centers everywhere and some have 30 minute results! Schedule a test before the date to put her mind at ease. She’ll be swooning before the waiter brings the barcode that you need to scan to get the menu as you sit outside in the parking lot.. I don’t know about you but I’m in Los Angeles and we’re only allowed to eat out if we’re sitting outside.. It’s a good thing we have perfect weather!

The point is you don’t have to get a goldfish just so you have someone to talk to. Before the pandemic lots of people were using dating websites and apps but now EVERYONE is using dating websites and apps. This is your time to shine baby so find an outdoor hair salon, get rid of that caveman look and start a profile! If you would like help I’d be happy to do so! Come find me at Virtual My six week course, The Art Of PickUp is available with personalized guidance at Virtual

Acquire the skills to approach women with confidence and get them to want you!

Erika Jordan

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