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The Food Coma. Not Good For After-Date Sex!

The Food Coma. Not Good For After-Date Sex!

Here is a Facebook discussion between me and my new friend, Ines, on her experiences with eating a heavy meal and then being too bogged down and energy-drained for sex afterwards. I talk some on how to fix that:

Ines: After reading over the comments regarding the recent article you mentioned on organic eggs, it made think about sex and food coma. I am very particular about the food that I eat, but in the past I've had problems with experiencing food coma after a great meal and not being interested in sex. I was in a long-term relationship and on number of occasions actually more than I can count, my partner and I would come back home after our date and all I wanted to do was pass out. Although it might sound very minuscule it really is something to consider when planning for the evening...actually, you could write an entire lit review paper on this...Note to self: take it easy when it comes to carbohydrates, and perhaps save the dessert for after the play session.

Amaranth: Oh yes, Ines. I know that one. I did a presentation with a nutritionist once on food comas and sex. We covered how to choose foods, if you were going to dinner before sex, that would fuel you instead of be a strain on your energy reserves to digest. Stick to protein and vegetables or carbs and fruit, or carbs and vegetables. Eat only enough till you aren't hungry anymore but not so much that you feel full. Say, 75% full. You'll knock out the hunger and have an energy source in your belly.

I also cut alcohol down as well, for me at least, because it makes my orgasm harder to reach. Sometimes that's an advantage if we're planning on tons of intercourse and fellatio for her pleasure, but other times we want me to come too. :)

I prefer to have dinner after sex because after orgasms on both sides, it works up an appetite.

May I post this as a blog post? Your name changed to a different name. Or, just that you're a woman-friend of mine.

Ines: Oh absolutely, go ahead and post it and you can use my name I don't mind at all. I am just so thrilled that I am finally starting to take this whole food and sex thing into consideration. I am totally motivated to read up on it.