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Since our session I've found quite a change in the way I now view the work situation that had bothered me so much at the time. I probably had two or three months of exposure to that same environment after our session. I could talk about the situation to coworkers and friends and not reach any where near the emotional level of anxiety and frustration I used to. It was almost like I could view it through a 'window' without actually feeling the elements. It has become a much more comfortable way to live and view life. Thanks again Robert and I highly recommend this to anyone who would like to alleviate a good deal of stress from their lives! Take care and keep up the good work. Greg McParlan Perth, Ontario

About Robert Vibert

Robert S. Vibert is a 'big-picture" Applied Researcher of techniques, philosophies and methods developed both in ancient and modern times to provide awareness, guidance, emotional health, and insight.


Robert's specialty is the release of stored emotions that cause problems. After years of research, he has developed a system called AER - Awareness Expression Resolution which quickly and easily facilitates the release of grief, anger, sorrow, and other pain, even if it has been carried for many years.

Robert Vibert Success Stories

In gratitude

Women dealing with work related stress

First I would like to thank you again for being so wonderful with me during my phone session. I couldn't have asked for anything more. I couldn't believe that although we have never met, you were so gentle and caring and I felt completely at ease during my AER session.more

When I went to work on Monday following my session a couple of friends commented on the way I looked. They just said I looked different; but they couldn't put their finger on it.

I excitedly told them about the AER session I had with you and they couldn't believe it. They said I looked lighter and brighter somehow. I guess all those negative emotions can weigh you down.

As I was talking to one of them I mentioned that I must try to see if AER would work on the sugar craving I had been dealing with since Christmas (all my life actually, but uncontrollable since Christmas).


On my way home that afternoon I picked up all my favourite things, chocolate, cookies and doughnuts. I ate most of the doughnuts as soon as I got to the car. I put everything on a plate in front of me and sat down to do AER. I must admit I couldn't resist the chocolate even as I was starting to work. I started to use AER and continued to use it on any possible reason to eat the goodies that came up.

When I couldn't think of anything else I stopped. I looked at the goodies in front of me and I did not feel the need to have any of it. I kept them in front of me all evening and still nothing.... I could not believe it.

It is now about a month and the cravings have not returned. I even lost a few pounds already.

I have used AER on other things as well, especially when I'm feeling the emotion.

It has helped tremendously. I don't even think I'm doing it perfectly, but because I am in the emotion and honouring the feeling, it works just the same.

Yours in gratitude,
Rita Starnino
Toronto, ON

Assistance that was priceless

Women dealing with stress

Before I worked with Robert Vibert using AER, I really didn't have high hopes for success. Over the years, I have spent thousands (sometimes I feel like it has been millions!) of dollars on personal development and self help books, workshops, DVDS, CDs etc. in my life and have never truly achieved the results I was looking for. I was a woman who was living to 78% of my potential and would self sabotage every time that percentage would increase a bit....feelings of unworthiness from childhood perhaps??more

With AER, I didn't have to figure out the reason, I just needed to be in touch with my present feelings and let them go. That in itself is priceless. Since being introduced to AER, I can use it to handle whatever comes my way with clarity and am more in tune with my emotions. I am also happy to say that things are coming together and that my light is shining brighter each day.

Andrea Burke

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