How To Trust Your Gut And Make Smart Decisions For Your Love Life


Learn a simple technique for making decisions and improving your love life.

Potential Through Response

This decision making technique will work for about 70% of us. If you have noticed that you speak in sounds and moans it may apply to you and your life.

Learning how to respond to life rather than directing it can change your world. Some of us have a direct way to understand how to respond to life decisions by responding with our sounds. The sounds in the body have your true response. 

It moves from the gut - and sounds like “ahunh” or Unun” or you can actually feel your body moving toward or away from something.

Once the body's wisdom is honored, a clear response can be made knowing that your body’s energy will offer support for the thing responded to.  Without the sounds to inform, a clear decision can not be made.

Without this body response, you may appear to be the great quitter of the world.  It is impossible to stick to things without the body also being engaged in the activity and the sounds lead to that kind of clarity.

If this is your way, it’s important that you don’t let your mind or other people talk you into things. When you are talked into something this leads to the weighty feeling of frustration that leads to unhappiness followed by depression. Before you know it you feel very stuck.

This is why so many things are started and not finished, because the decision was not entered into clearly with the support of your body that speaks in sounds.

Waiting is necessary,wait to enter into things correctly and then you will have the power to persist, and the power will be reliable.  It’s all about trusting the response in order to tell your own truth. Rather than the truth of your mind or another persons mind that may have an agenda of its own. 

If frustration is the main feeling during an activity, you entered into it without your sounds. When you feel success and fulfillment you have entered in correctly. In this way you can move to the next plateau. Life is a dance between getting caught up in frustration and natural plateaus.

If this sounds like you, you want to speak in sounds like groans, sighs and growls, which function as a response. You are waiting for the opportunity to respond in this way. You can only know your truth when you respond using primal life force sounds.  Your sounds reflect your energy level and the availability of energy for the thing you are responding to. Your power happens in your power in response.

It’s important to honor the response without explaining from the mind. The body holds the truth. As long as you move with your sounds, you are in a vocabulary that will communicate your highest good.

This response is so pure that it bypasses awareness altogether. It really doesn’t matter what you think, the life force knows what is right for you and tells you in your sounds. In this way you can move through your life in a step by step fashion covering every detail along the way.

As long as you don’t initiate the action and stand firm in responding to your sounds, you will be on the right track for success. So long as you never initiate or make a decision from your mind, life will flow through you. In this way you will enjoy being busy doing what you love feeling happy and satisfied.

Get your closest friends to speak to you and questions you can answer with a sound.”Do you want to play tennis?” Do you want to go out for dinner?”  Refrain from answering with your words and answer with your sounds. Truth at last!