An Open Mind Brings Open Possibilities To Finding Love


Are you fixed in your thinking or are you open to many ideas?

Have You Noticed How Busy Your Mind Can Be?

If you are open-minded, your mind is open to thinking about almost anything. The mind is always filtering our experience, distilling it down to a story, coming to understanding or rationalizing our life. When you are opened-minded, you feel a pressure for information or inspiration.

The pressure of an open mind, is looking to find the answers to address any confusion or doubt. Life is really a mystery. A question without an answer.  We really don’t need to find answers to all of our questions. 

Ones truth is not to be found in the riddle of questions and answers but deep within the body in it’s wisdom.  Just image for a moment, if you acted out what your mind goes on about. The mind can have it’s way with us.

Listening to all those answers could make one a fool. The body holds the wisdom, listen to the body, notice how it feels.  If its a life decision wisdom would be experienced by getting as quiet as possible and listening only to the body. 

The body holds the wisdom. The mind dances with information and questions like a jokester, designed to amuse and entertain.

Answers unfold in their own time without or inspite of the pressure of the mind. Learn to disbelieve the stories in your head, in this way you will make clearer decisions in life and be in-line with your destiny.

The mind is really designed to interpret inspiration, to make you ‘see’ something you need to learn or grasp. The potential of an open mind knows no bounds!