Are You A Chicken Or An Eagle?

Woman Alone

Many people grow up believing they are just average. This is the power it has!

Many people grow up believing they are just average. This is something they can inherit from their parents or it can be something they experienced over and over again until it formed part of their belief system.

The problem with this deeply rooted belief;
- it starts to take control of your body meaning you catch a cold or fall into to the average category of people who experience various of sicknesses. It is also possible to keep you from having the body you dream of.
- it takes control of your destiny making sure that you always just fall short of what it is you really want
- it influences the way people treat you always showing less respect than you actually deserve.
- it contradicts any blessing that might show that you are more than average.

What's the science behind this?
Your unconscious mind has 95% power over your life while the conscious mind only has 5% power. Yes, we have been taught to only focus and count on the conscious mind (what we see, hear and what our common knowledge tells us) but, the power lies in our unconscious minds. The key is to access it.

Let's use a large cargo ship as a metaphor.

The captain (Conscious mind) is in the bridge of the ship. The cargo, crew and the actual engines are at the bottom of the ship. (Unconscious mind)

Now, the captain uses the controls and steering wheel (conscious mind = will power) to
do the things he wants. If these things contradict what the rest of the crew, engines, and cargo believe,(unconscious mind = negative or limiting beliefs), the cargo will simply shift leaving the ship in the middle of the position where the captain wanted it to be and where it was - thus at an average point.

Luna is an introvert while the rest of her family are extroverts. Luna believes that she does not fit in with her family and she is not good enough to be loved by them.
She struggles to speak with conviction and confidence because of this belief. When she gets the courage and will power together to say what she wants to say, she ends up having When Luna, therefore, wants to talk, there is always someone interrupting her.

Another example;
Jeff believes he is terrible in mathematics and not smart enough to do well in it.
This leaves Jeff's unconscious mind to always fall asleep in the math class, not understanding or simply just having no enthusiasm to study. Let's say Jeff manages to stir up the courage and will power to do better, he will find himself just manifesting his belief of being terrible at mathematics.

Both of these examples require us to pay attention to our beliefs. We take other's opinions or frame of reference as facts, whereas they are ALWAYS just that person's opinion.

NOBODY can tell you what you can or cannot do, only you can.

As soon as you get rid of negative and limiting beliefs, your captain will be able to steer the ship to the exact spot you dream of in EVERY area of your life!

Stop believing you are a chicken and start believing you are that eagle soaring high... That's what you were born to be!

Elsa is a Master NLP Practitioner and Transformation Coach at Take a Leap Coaching. Let her help YOU find your wings!

This article was originally published at Take a Leap Coaching. Reprinted with permission from the author.