Multitasking is a Killer!


Multitasking cost us more than we realize, it creates conflict every time we do it!

"Earth to , Paula. Where did you go to? Not here with me working on this project that has a deadline , that is for sure. Please stay focus so that we both get out of here before 10 o'clock tonight " Dale said.

We all recognize and been in similar circumstances. If it is not in the workplace then it in the home situation. I may seem very innocent our wondering mind, but the cost is higher and more damaging than  we can imagine. On top of that it is a silent killer, we don't know what went wrong, until way later after the fact. The unfocused mind is involved in every conflict we encounter, and here is why:

  • When we are unfocused, we are not present in the moment. Our focus is then on the past or the future, we are not in touch with our I Am Status then.   
  • When we multitask we can't listen on level 2 or 3.  Level one is being busy in our own head. If somebody talks to us, our mind is so preoccupied that we don't resister what the other is truly saying. Level 2 listening is being so focused on the other, that we tune out the rest of the world. Level 3 is hearing what the other has to say, and being aware what is going on around us.   In conversation we want to listen in level 2 or 3, this creates understanding.
  • Misunderstandings are created when we don't listen, which snowballs in miscommunication  and is a breeding ground for conflict.
  • Our brain can only focus on one thing at the time. Yes we can walk and talk, but often we listen then in level one. Same can be said when working on a spread sheet and get disturbed by the ping when an email comes in. This is why our productivity hours at work are so low(Less than 2 hours of focus time a day). I was shocked to when I found that out. 
  • We put performance pressure on ourselves, due to the perspective that is out there in our society. We have to be better, smarter, and we have to deliver. This all contribute to high stress levels and health issues. 
  • At the end of the day, we are exhausted, haven't accomplished what we wanted, and something's we have to do again because it was not done right.  

When we walk we take one step at the time, the same can be said of all the responsibilities we face every day. The more we focus on one task at the time, the more we get done, do it right the first time and create less conflict in our life. 

Don't YOU  want that?

For more information on how to listen on level 2 or 3, contact Ellen Nyland for a 30 minute free coaching consult.    

This article was originally published at Ellen Nyland. Reprinted with permission from the author.