Attention Healthy Eaters! Here's A Poem To Brighten Your Day


Good food, like poetry, can be savored and tasted over and over.

A Healthy Rhyme

Fronds of fennel, Stalks of leek, Juice of onion Taste we seek!

Hearts of palm, Leaves of kale, Flesh of apple, Savory we regale!

Sweetness of berries, the pucker from limes, and even tart cherries, are perfect for rhymes!

Fresh fruits & veggies, a daily treat, will keep you healthy, the more you eat.

Avoid fried foods, and those in a can, pick from the earth, A whole foods plan.

Beans & greens, from the garden deep, enjoy them regularly and health you’ll reap!



This article was originally published at My website, www.menupause.info. Reprinted with permission from the author.