7 Sexy Ways To Spice Up Your Date Night!

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date night

Date night boring or non-existent? Here's 7 sexy ways to spice things up!

Whether you just started dating or are in a relationship and have found yourself in a massive rut, here are seven ways to make your date nights more special:

1. Try Something New.

Have you always wanted to try a new sport or hobby? Get your partner interested and go try it together. This works well with long-neglected hobbies as well. Shared experiences are an excellent way to bring your partner closer.

Anything you do together besides the same old routine is a great way to get to know your partner on a deeper level and strengthen your bond. If you aren’t interested in perfecting a skill, look for local events to go to together that expose you both to something new.

Often people spend so much time doing the same old thing and that they need something to introduce novelty so they have something to talk about.

2. Dress Up.

It’s so common that people let things slide when they have been together for a while. Often familiarity breeds.. slacking off with your appearance. After a while, even date night is not safe from sweatpants and other sloppy attire. You wouldn’t have dressed like that on your first date, right? Up your game a little bit with your clothes. It makes you feel different and serves to show your partner that how you look to them is still important to you.

3. Reenact Your First Date.

This is a great way to remind yourself what your relationship was like in the beginning before everyday life got in the way. Reliving the memory can bring back the same feelings you had when you met your partner. Just don’t let yourself get into a rut by doing this every week.

4. Go Outside.

A romantic picnic, stargazing or just going for a walk together are great ways to get outside and see something together. It is often easier to have organic conversations without stuffy waiters, Netflix and dark movie theaters. The great outdoors is also a great way to do date night on the cheap if you’re low on funds.

5. Avoid Discussing Work or Stress.

Make an effort to avoid going over work, stressful family issues, fighting and complaining. Vow to keep date night sacred and to discuss issues later.

While it can be a big relief to get your partner in the same space with you alone, especially if you are both busy and/or have children, make sure that you don’t spend the whole date talking about stressful issues. If you only get two hours together alone, it doesn’t strengthen your relationship to complain or talk about work for an hour of that time.

Additionally, make an effort to get into a good mood beforehand, especially if you have had a hard day.

6. Plan In Advance.

Sometimes having something to look forward to for a few days in advance can really heighten the your date night experiences. Just being excited to be there goes a long way to make things more exciting for both of you. So does sending your partner provocative text messages before the date.

7. Try Something New In (Or Out) of The Bedroom.

Often, date night leads to sex. Since you have set aside alone time for the date, this is a great opportunity to act out some of your more interesting fantasies after the dinner and drinks portion. If you have always wanted to try new positions, locations or techniques, date night is a great time to give it a shot.

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