4 creative ways to meet a man in a bar


A smile goes a long way, but these sly suggestions are sure to catch his attention!

Since I started Bartender...Man Straight Up, I’ve gotten loads of bartender advice for how to meet a man just by sitting at a bar by yourself. But going beyond the big 3 tips (smile, put your phone away and snag a good seat), sometimes you just have to think outside of the box. Just about every bar is rife with men who would be thrilled to meet you, but you can’t always expect them to fall at your feet. With a little forethought—and a little courage—snagging a man can be easier than you think.


1. Turn the tables. Ladies, listen up… Women should approach a guy they find attractive. The second a female starts talking to a guy he becomes interested (even if he’s married, he becomes interested). This is because you just showed confidence and that you have a set of balls (so to speak, and that’s attractive). So watch the guy you’re into (just not in a stalker-y way) and ask him something related to what you’ve observed. Bonus point: By approaching a guy, you just took the pressure away off of him and he’s grateful for that.

2. Buy a round. There’s nothing sexier than when a woman pays for a round of drinks or at least offers to pay. Women who assume they should be wined and dined are a big turnoff. Wouldn’t you be pleasantly surprised if you returned from the restroom to see the check is paid for, or that someone ordered you a drink and picked up the tab?

3. Pass a note. This might be our favorite tip yet, because it takes us back to high school. Sometimes it’s easier to articulate how you feel on paper as opposed to in person, so just jot down how you feel. You want to meet, you think they’re attractive… Ask the bartender for a piece of paper, ask him or her to pass it along, and take it from there. You might be pleasantly surprised at the reaction.

4. Come to the rescue. Let’s say you spot a guy across the bar—and he’s talking to some girl he’s obviously not interested in. To be a big helper, make eye contact with the person you know is not into the conversation, make a gesture that shows you want to help them out or mouth to them, “Do you need help?” If the answer is yes, make your move and interrupt the conversation by pretending to be a friend or better yet be the boyfriend/girlfriend and you’ll see how fast the talkative guy/girl will walk away.

What’s your most creative way to strike up a conversation with a man? I want to know!