Outrageous or Brilliant? Wedding Planning Strategies


What have you considered, or done, in wedding planning to avoid drama and stress?

The latest in a long list of amazing stories about how people avoid wedding drama involves two sets of wedding invitations.

We're not talking about the A list and B list, for the guests you really want to invite, and the B list for those who could come if you had room from those who can't make it on the A list.

No, we're talking about two separate wedding invitations with a separate.... wedding start time!

That's right.  The bride, who gave me permission to share the story, but whom I'll protect from the potential wrath of her family, is writing 3pm for the real start time to one group of guests, and 2pm for another set of guests, including her entire family and mother whom she currenty lives with, who she says will all BE an hour late, guarenteed.  This way, she says, they'll actually be on time for her big day.  

I think after my jaw hit the ground, I tried to ask her more details.  She says the first group will be racing to the church at 2:45, and will see the other group of guests walking calmly in, so they'll stop running, and calmy walk in as well.  Laughter is her response when I ask if the lied-to group wouldn't be offended.  She can't comprehend how or why they would be offended and even more, she can not remotely fathom a single one of those guests who would EVER show up at 2pm when the invitation says the wedding starts.

Stay tuned for the results (her wedding isn't until the end of July.)

And for those curious about the groups, it's an extra controversial race-based split.  The bride is sending her race the fake start time and the other race (including the groom) the real start time.  I have no idea how this can go well, but the bride is confident and I'm dying to watch the results of what seems like a potential train wreck.

The best idea we've heard was the couple who had three alcoholics attending who had serious drinking issues with high risks of creating a scene.  Each of them was secretly asked to "babysit" another one from drinking too much.  The result?  None of them drank too much or made a scene, and the family was relaxed the entire night.  Plus I'm sure each of the three felt honored to be held in such high esteem, trusted to babysit a potential dramatic scene.

Do you have any brilliant or outrageous wedding planning strategies?  Or perhaps you thought an idea would avoid drama but ended up creating World War Three in your family?  Tell is in the comments!  And for more stories and really sound advice on dealing with couple and family stress in your wedding, buy a copy or two (or three) of Take Back Your Wedding, for the couple and both sets of parents.  The most extreme order we received was 25 copies for the entire extended family.  It helped reduce and avoid a lot of drama!