What Money Can't Buy The Royal Baby


No matter how famous or wealthy anyone may be, the pains of being human are inescapable.

I will be the first to admit that not only was I was serious babywatch the last few weeks, but I'm equally excited to see how the Royal couple shake up the traditions, as Princess Di did in many ways with her boys.

As I attempt to comprehend what this happy couple must be going through, I hold in my heart the stuff that isn't as fun to talk about but that many people struggle with.  For one, Prince William's mother is not there to share in this glorious experience.  The very media entranced with this new baby is, in some ways, the very reason for her passing.  The birth of a baby can bring wild emotions anyway but to not have your mother (or father) with you when you become a parent is not easy.

In any family, privacy can be hugely frustrating.  Big families, families whose culture is to be in each others business all the time can be an exhausting rollercoaster for a couple who want some privacy.  Babies can bring out the crazy in even the most well-mannered grandparent!  Now let's add billions of people watching their every move, and I'd say it's likely this royal baby has some stressed out parents.  

In America, as "regular people", we are mostly allowed to fight back others opinions and do our own thing.  But imagine you have the intensity of Royal Tradition walking along side you with the world watching what you're going to do?  Do you piss off Queen Elizabeth or the media to be true to yourself?  Talk about pressure at a time when you just want to hole up and try to get an ounce of sleep between feedings.

With all the rumors swirling around what they will do (on breastfeeding, on name choice, on nanny vs stay at home mother, etc) I hold in my heart the delicate balance Kate and William will be taking on as they try to stay true to their own wishes without creating massive tension within the Royal Traditions and expectations.

Blessed be this and ALL babies whose parents don't have the financial resources or immense support systems to raise the next generation.