The wonder of Lingerie

The wonder of Lingerie

Every woman needs a little Lingerie in her life. Learn why and how use this must have!

Now, there are some of you out there who already have a running list of why you don't have Lingerie, why you cannot wear it, and why it isn't necessary. To you I say, "STOP MAKING YOUR LIST... BACK AWAY FROM THE LIST... THE LIST IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!"

You know how a cute haircut, great makeup, or a great pair of shoes can change your total outlook? Ever walk with a little more confidence knowing that you looked and felt GREAT??? Well, why does that only extend to what you are wearing on the OUTSIDE??

I say it doesn't. And I say that all women wear Lingerie. How?? Ever matched your bra and panties??? LINGERIE!!! Ever wear a cute zebra print bra under your wool sweater and a cute, non-granny panty thong??? Guess what- LINGERIE!!!

For those of you who say that Lingerie "doesn't stay on long enough to be worth it". Try something different and up your "Naughty Factor"- Keep it ON!! Lingerie with split panties are split for a reason.

Wanna hide your trouble area's?? Lingerie is your friend!! Think you have small breasts? Lingerie with push up cups can give you the va-voom you are looking for! Women tend to focus on what is wrong with our bodies and fail to utilize things out there that may give us more confidence. Lingerie can help "hide" your less than svelte tummy and put focus on your breasts if that is your goal. Your partner leg obsessed? Try his dress shirt and use thigh high stockings!

The ways to stear the eye's to what you want and to divert them from what you want are endless. All you need to do is take a deep breathe, and try something new. You may surprise yourself and... actually LOVE IT!!