Taking the Long Road


One women's tale of how training to walk 60 miles for Breast Cancer research changed her.

When we first started to train this past spring, I could hardly walk 3 miles at the speed that they encouraged us to.  And I walked already! The first 2 weeks of their training schedule caused many a nap! But as the weeks went on, the 3… 4… 5…6 miles became easier. And I found so many routes through Bowie, that I think I dreamt about them a handful of times.
Here is where the struggles enter. I needed to have surgery in August and had to take off 4 weeks of training. Yes, I am behind in my walking preparations, but I am plugging along. I will not fail. I will not give up. My part is easy.  I will leave this event knowing that I was able to do something that is bigger than me… more important that shopping, or vacationing, or golfing, of going to the movies. I am raising money and walking to help save lives. To fund the research that helped get MY positive outcome with thorough testing.  That helped Bridget, Shannon, and Jill get their “Cancer Free” endings.