Taking the Long Road


One women's tale of how training to walk 60 miles for Breast Cancer research changed her.

Challenges. We all have them. Whether they are work, personal, spiritual, emotional, or physically related. There is not one person alive that can say that they have not faced something in their life that they were not sure that they would defeat. But they do- sometimes not how you imagined it, but you fight your way through it. You learn about your grit. Your worth. Your character. YOU.
I know it’s hard to stay the course, and that many times it would be easier to just give up and try again “some other time”.  But sometimes you don’t get that chance. You don’t get that “some other time”. This is what I told myself when I encouraged my mother to join me as I signed up for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk. “How many miles?” she asked? “Sixty”, I said. It is at this point that I know that she thought I had lost my mind. Maybe I have, but this will change me forever. And I know that it will change my mother and our relationship for ever. It already has. Never did I think that I would use the words, “Only”, “6 miles”, and “That’s easy”, in the same sentence. But we have- many times. Even at its hardest moments, this is going to be easy for us. Well, easier than battling Breast Cancer.