Sex Toy Review: Trojan's Multi-Speed Vibrating Ring

trojan vibrating ring multispeed

Trojan Multi-Speed Vibrating Ring lasts for 20 minutes and offers multiple speeds.

The Trojan Multi-Speed Vibrating Ring's compact packaging makes it easy for transport, and if need be, discretion. Although, I will say that you need to make sure that you have scissors nearby because, as much as I tried, one cannot open it without a sharp device. So, plan ahead if this is your secret weapon for a night of passion in the back seat of a car!

Once I got the package open, I found the vibrating ring, a complimentary condom and bilingual directions inside. The directions are easy to follow and in no time you can be using this to your vibrating delight (no assembly is required). Trojan is really onto something in creating on-the-go adult toys. Deciding to incorporate a toy into couples' sexual repertoires doesn't happen every day, so it's incredible that a couple can get a toy in no time (as in, pop in to your local drugstore, pop out with a vibrator!).

The ring is a single use product offering up to 20 minutes of vibrations, with choices of Low, High, Low Pulse, and High Pulse. These multiple speeds are controlled by a push button on the top of the ring where the actual vibrator is located. This makes the changing of speeds and vibration patterns easy and quick to navigate. Also, the ring is able to be stretched to accommodate the varying sizes of male partners out there.

The vibrating ring fits snugly and is a great addition to couples sex, which is not something most vibrators can boast! Whereas many sex toys run well above 100 bucks, the $12.99 price point for the Trojan ring is a steal. As it's simple to use and discreet, I'd say it's a perfect choice for a travel sex toy or for those new to sex toys and hesitant to make a big investment (whether in size or money!). 

Sponsored by Trojan.