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Author, Life Coach, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Wellness Coach

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Breathe Deeply. Travel Light.

About Elizabeth Bridges

Hello, I’m Liz, your Counselor and Coach.

Below is some information about me. I’m looking forward to working with you and learning about your wellness needs.  You can always feel free to contact me via email with questions you may have. I’m here to help you develop a healthy state of mind and body-- the healthy lifestyle you’re striving for.

I began my education at Fisk University in Tennessee, but earned my first degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in North Carolina. I subsequently went on to earn an MED from that university as well.  Several years later I earned an MA from Liberty University where my focus was on counseling.

Thirty-one years of my life were spent in education. I worked in many roles in the education field-- from teacher’s assistant to principal. These roles allowed me an opportunity to work with parents, children, and public school and college administrators, as well as others. It is my educational experiences that led me to want to work more intensely with individuals to help them realize their potential and more effectively manage life challenges.

 My private counseling office opened in 1998. As a counselor, I work with individuals, couples and women in many areas, among these are depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relationship issues, spiritual growth and life adjustments. I am pleased to have expanded my work to include coaching.  I have held many workshops and retreats during my education, counseling and coaching careers. In 2009, I held my first bi-annual “Healthy and Whole Women’s Retreat”!  

The area of stress relief is a particular interest of mine. You can imagine that spending time in the public sector for 31 years brought along with it a few stressors. So, I am now interested in helping those who live fast-paced and demanding lives to relieve stress. My mother had the Alzheimer’s disease and lived out the end of her life in a skilled nursing facility. My siblings and I believe that she would have, perhaps, been able to at least delay the onset of this disease had she been better able to handle the stressors in her life. Additionally, the area of self-efficacy is very important to me. As I was quite timid growing up, I understand the work that one must do in order to feel capable and good about him or herself. I appreciate the importance of healthy habits in the present, in order to realize a good quality of life in the future. I want my coaching clients to embrace this belief as well. Another coaching interest is the impact of the spiritual as it relates to health and wellness.

I am the third of ten children. My husband died in 1999. I have a son and a daughter. One of my grandchildren was born with Downs Syndrome. With his birth, I grew in compassion and understanding. When he died it was challenging for all of us but we were so blessed by his life that his will always be a sweet memory and I remain full of gratitude.  I like challenging myself with new endeavors—ballroom dancing, African drumming, and learning to play the guitar. I also enjoy theatre, writing and gardening.     

The word “Growing” would be an appropriate descriptor of me. Much of my life has been spent helping others to grow, as I continue to evolve myself. I am passionate about helping others to live liberated, healthy, and wholesome lives. 

Thank you for choosing me as your counselor/coach.  I am looking forward to being your companion as you journey to health and wellness and a new mind-set.