Is Your Partner's Money Habits Breaking You Up?


Your partner’s money decisions can make or break your relationship.

Your partner’s money decisions can make or break your relationship.  If you are experiencing financial challenges, debt  and money stress, you understand the tension it puts on your feelings about your partner and you may even be quietly pondering your next step.

If you are in this situation, it’s really tough. Do you stay together and have one calamity after the other, all the while tensions building and love becoming crushed under the weight of your problems? Do you walk away, washing your hands as much as you can of the financial disasters?

Money challenges can be turned around, but it requires knowledge and understanding of what is at the root of the situation. It gets down to what energetic influences is causing your partner to make the choices that he or she does.

Let me give you an example.

I recently ran into a fellow who is having big money problems. His lady had bailed several years ago, leaving him to raise their son on his own. All the property he owned have been lost in foreclosures. He was left with a bunch of items he had accumulated from other failed business and real estate ventures.

He told me his birthday and that was all I needed to get a snapshot into the challenges he faces. You see, money problems don’t have external causes. They are created from  our attitudes, beliefs and energetic influences.

Both his Soul Essence and Life Purpose numbers are 11.  Now 11 is a very powerful and challenging number and to have two of his main numbers be a number 11 means that for this person, the energetic influences and challenges for the number 11 was doubled! He had chosen a lifetime with great potential, if he could learn to master this master number.

The number 11 looks like two pillars. Each 1 represent opposites, polarities, male- female or yin-yang.

The challenge and ultimately the power when accomplished, is to figure out how to balance these opposites elements and use them as tools of empowerment. Walking between the pillars into the unknown with confidence, grounded and focused, is the goal.

When a person can remain in that balanced and neutral state, they they can draw on all the energies equally from both polarities and create a harmonious blend of united force. A relationship between the person and opposing forces is created. They stand on their own two feet and are independent and self sufficient.

Number 11 also contains the seeds of relationship. This person wants a relationship that is filled with peaceful cooperation and gentle communication. They want to be part of something, surrendering themselves to become part of a unit.

Without understanding the challenge and reward inherent within this set of numbers, an unsuspecting person can be pulled from one extreme to the other; from pillar to post, such as being overly generous and feeling taken advantage of.

Another thing that happens is that they can get divided, split in two, fracturing their energies between too many irons in the fire.  When this happens, this person can become indecisive, divided and unsure what to do or which way to go.  This leads to mental and emotional chaos and arguments- the very bane of this number. He or she can feel left out, feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied and procrastinate. They won't listen to another point of view.

It all ends up in struggle, constant searching for something they are not aware of, chaos and unhappiness, relationship tension and very possibly break-up.

The irony is that a person with a prominent number 11 really does want to feel balanced in a happy, peaceful relationship built upon cooperation and communication.

In the case of this fellow, he had fragmented his interests and over extended himself financially. He couldn’t find a balance between generosity and business. He had been doing this over quite a few years. His lady had left. She couldn’t handle the downward spiral, even though he is a nice guy.

He was his own worst enemy. He was bullheaded and figured he knew what was best. He wouldn’t listen to anyone, including his lady, who had a little more money sense than he did. Instead, he pushed ahead, then blamed someone or something when it didn’t work out. He divided himself so thin that he lost everything. 

To resolve this situation, this person needs to start taking responsibility for his choices and the consequences that result. Stop blaming someone else for his problems and stop feeling like a victim. He needs to focus his energy, figure out how to find that middle path between the pillars of opposites to bring balance into his life. He needs to stop trying to please and satisfy both sides and instead, pick a middle point where he can hold his course and stop bouncing back and forth between opposites. Get out of a state of indecision and reduce the number of irons in the fire. Universe is doing that for him- by losing one business after the next.

Wisdom and understanding of the energies he is working with will help him be able to make conscious decisions that lead him through the pillars to his goals. Use his inner guidance as a buffer to neutralize the attractive pull to the sides.

Once he can establish a relationship with how he is energetically designed and the life challenges he chose upon his birth, he’ll start to make better decisions, become more successful and attract and keep a loving partner.

Just two numbers explained much of what he is currently experiencing. There are a lot more subtle influences that affect his daily life contained in his Soul Blueprint or Code.

We are all born with an energetic code that influences our behaviors and choice tendencies. This fellow is an extreme example of how his misunderstanding of himself and living the shadow side of his basic energetic blueprint or Soul codes created his experiences.

You have a specific pattern of energies or Soul Codes that influence how you relate to your partner and to money. Do you know how your Soul codes are affecting your life and your relationship?

I’d be happy to discuss them with you so that you can use your divinely given gifts as powerful tools to enhance your life experience.  Just contact me.

This article was originally published at Connect To Your True Nature . Reprinted with permission from the author.