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3-5 years


Chicago IL 60604 - United States


EFT, Other

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Author, Consultant, Dating Coach, Divorce Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach, Life Coach, Marriage Educator, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Personal Development Coach, Sex Coach, Sex Educator, Speaker/Presenter

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I Believe

Love is unconditional; relationships are not. All relationships should have love; not all love should be in relationship. Sometimes loving from a distance is the only sane thing to do. - Eden Adele

Passion unexpressed is emotional misery, psychological torment, and physical distress. - Eden Adele

Just because you BELIEVE you're in a relationship, doesn't mean you are. If your "mate" missed that memo, don't be surprised if they walk away right when YOU thought everything was fine. - Eden Adele

If you don't heal yourself after your emotional hurts and intimate betrayals, you will continue to bleed on anyone else who, in any way, reminds you of your betrayers. YOUR healing, YOUR responsibility. Time heals nothing. It only allows you the space and opportunity to heal yourself. - Eden Adele

Many of us are in relationships just because you've been in the relationship. You're accustomed to it; it's your habit. You feel your passions dying inside you moment-by-moment, yet you stay AND blame, complain, and justify. Just because you've BEEN there doesn't mean you should BE there. - Eden Adele

MYTH: If you truly love your partner, you won't cheat on them.
TRUTH: People cheat on people they truly love all the time. "Love" doesn't "cheat-proof" a relationship. - Eden Adele

NEWSFLASH: Your mate is ALWAYS going to be attracted to, aroused by, and sexually curious about other people. If you expect that to go away just because they "love" you - you expect too much. ALL the same things (and others besides) that they found attractive about you, they will CONTINUE to find attractive WHENEVER they encounter it - even AFTER you. "LOVE" has absolutely NOTHING to do with it. The depth of your mate's "love" for you isn't demonstrated by their ABSENCE of attraction to others, but by what they DO about the attraction when it occurs. - Eden Adele

About Eden Adele

Affectionately known as, The Head Passionator, the founder of the Get Back to Passion Institute is on a mission. What is it? To cut the learning curve for people over 40 actively seeking sexual wholeness, intimate integrity, and passionate personification in their lives. Popular propoganda would have you believe that after 40, you start to dry up, shrivel, and wither. With health concerns, retirement nearing, empty nesting, continuing singleness, dating drama, divorce trauma showing up in your lives in some Hellish mix – who has time to be a “woman” or a “man”?

•When you’ve devoted your life to spouse, children, church, charity, community – how do you remember a sex drive?
•When you’ve spent your career overachieving, racking and stacking accomplishments while becoming a stranger to your family – how do you recreate romantic desire?
•When your hormones have lost their minds; when your day begins with medications; when you slog from one day to the next – how do you get your “sexy” back?
•When you look in the mirror totally unable to associate anything remotely sensual with the reflection staring back at you – how do you light the passionate fire in the eyes of that reflection?
•On the rare occasion you do attempt some kind of sexual expression and your physical sensation is failing you – how do you feel again?

No more worries. I’m here to help. Come into my garden. Let me help weed and seed you back to wholeness. I’ll keep it simple, make it direct, and – most importantly – something you can repeat anytime without me. You see, I’ve been there. I was 40 years old, marrying for the first time, a man nearly 12 years my junior who wasn’t the genetic father of my only child. And then my husband lost his job and had no income for 18 months. Consequently, I ended up in foreclosure with two Chapter 13s, trying to keep a house I lost anyway. And my mother got Alzheimer’s and came to live with my new family for three years before I finally had to put her in a nursing home because she started wandering out of house and was no longer safe alone in the house. What else do you do when you can’t afford in-home care and you have to keep your day job because you’re the only money your family sees? And my parents are dead. And my husband left. And I’m putting my daughter through college alone because she, in spite of everything, is maintaining an Honors Level GPA while studying ballet AND biology. And, did I mention – I’m 50 YEARS OLD?

Who’s supposed to be “UN-sexier” than a 50-year-old African-American woman in a culture that worships 20-year-old Caucasian near-nudity? Who is supposed to be more disconnected from passion, sensuality, and sexual wholeness than a woman who is all that and a date rape survivor besides? How do you create a healthy, wholistic, spiritually sound, emotionally nurturing attitude toward sex and all things sexual AFTER coming out of Hell like that?

I can show you better than I can tell you. YOU can embrace your “after-40-sexy” in a way that surpasses everything you’ve ever experienced. YOU can enjoy being magnetic to your partner – even over 40. YOU can be the lover you’ve always dreamed you could be - even after 40. I can absolutely help YOU get back to passion. One thing is certain. Once you’re back . . . you’ll NEVER allow yourself to leave again. I’ve got the toolbox and I’m willing to share.