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Collages have always been my favorite artform, and I can best describe myself and what I do as a collage: I am a counselor, a musician, an educator, a coach, a dancer, a performer, a writer, a world traveller, and a lover of all experiences that life has offered me. I believe in the art of "come as you are"...who you are and the life experiences that made you are all valuable and precious, and it is my mission to work with what you bring to help you discover the beauty in your own collage.

About Jamie Marich

I am passionate about helping people reach their optimal potential through the art of emotional healing...I am honored that you are checking out my page! Professionally, I am a clinical writer and travel the country training counselors on topics related to trauma and addiction. I am in private practice in the Youngstown, OH area (my hometown), specializing primarily in trauma, addiction, and spiritual issues. Even though I have a Ph.D., clinical experience in all levels of addiction treatment, and advanced training in specialty approaches like EMDR and hypnotherapy, I feel that what most qualifies me to do what I do is that I have been through the healing journey myself, having benefitted from the services of many talented helpers to get me through a variety of life hurdles...

I began my career in human services while working as a humanitarian aid worker/English teacher in Bosnia from 2000-2003. Working in a war-torn country alerted me to the realities of trauma and its impact on human development. It was also while serving in Bosnia that I entered into recovery to address my own struggles with addiction. For me, recovery and healing are not just a job...they are a way of life. It has also been my great joy to fuse two of my other loves, music and dancing, into the healing process, both in my own journey, and in what I share with others. I've recorded several CDs in the singer-songwriter genre (most recently, Grace of a Woman, 2012), and developed a community-based dance practice called "Dancing Mindfulness" (www.dancingmindfulness.com).

My latest book, Trauma and the Twelve Steps is slated for release in the summer of 2012. I am also the author of EMDR Made Simple: 4 Approaches for Using EMDR With Every Client.

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