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Dr. Ginger Holczer is a Psychologist and AASECT-certified Sex Therapist in Springfield, Missouri.  You can get more information about scheduling appointments, workshops or current women's groups at http://growyourpath.com/

About Ginger Holczer

Hello!  I'm Dr. Ginger Holczer of Creative Pathways. As a clinical psychologist, I see a wide variety of people in my office, from many different walks of life. As the years went on, I didn't talk much about sex--and neither did my clients. I found myself sitting with someone, trying to figure out what was going on that was causing so much pain. After a period of time passed and many questions had been asked--I knew I had to go there. I took a deep breath, gulped hard, then heard the words come out of my mouth as if they were reverberating and amplified x10. "How is your sex life?" My face felt warm and red and I waited for the person to tell me it was none of my business!  What I heard was the sound of the person's voice, as the tears started flowing, saying that no one had bothered to ask that question before, even though help had been sought.  The person revealed that the sexual component was missing in the relationship and there was a sadness about the missed connection. At that moment, I knew I had to ask the questions and open the door to that conversation, whether people chose to step through the doorway or not--I had to give them the choice. But now that I was asking the questions, I needed to know how to respond when sexual issues were a problem, so I sought certification in sex therapy.  Click here to find out more about what therapy and sex therapy is (and isn't). 

I earned my doctorate in Springfield, Missouri, where I am in private practice. I am an
AASECT-certified Sex Therapist; however, I see a wide variety of clients--both individuals and couples, with many types of symptoms. Sometimes it's a matter of getting off that well-traveled, familiar path and getting on a new path--which may be scary and strange, but it can take you to a new and better place. I can help you get out of that worn rut and find your new path in life.

I teach Human Sexuality and other courses at a local university, as well as doing women's groups and workshops of different types and topics. I also do workshops for therapists and counselors, teaching them how to talk about sex.

As a result of learning that most people don't talk about sex to anyone, not their doctor,
their therapist, or even their partners; I co-authored a book titled, Finding and Revealing
Your Sexual Self
published by Rowman and Littlefield. The book helps you to think about where their sexual beliefs and attitudes come from and how they can use that information to better communicate about sex. It also helps them to realize that sexuality
changes throughout a person's lifetime--for many different reasons. I have written articles for several local publications, as well. Recently, excerpts I have written have been included in Joan Price's new book, Naked At Our Age, as well as a piece in Gina Ogden's (author of The Heart and Soul of Sex, The Return of Desire, and Women Who
Love Sex
) upcoming book for sexuality professionals.

I maintain a blog and a website at www.growyourpath.com.

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