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Where there is love, there is a way!.

Love is an inside job, so learn to love yourself first, unconditionally. Then you can be receptive and open to loving others.

Love everyone unconditionally, including, especially, yourself. -- Ken Keyes, Jr.

Stop searching for love. Stop trying to find love. Become the love you are seeking.

About Erica Goodstone, PhD

I Encourage YOU To Express YOUR Love Freely and Fearlessly 
No Matter What Age You Are Right Now ...
Knowing That The Power Of Your Love Heals!

As a psychotherapist, marriage counselor, certified sex therapist, somatic body psychotherapist, and board certified life, health and wellness coach, I assist you to heal and awaken the love within.  I help you to recover the dream that has always been there and to re-ignite the passion that will be there again for you body, your relationships and your life. 

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If someone you care about - spouse, lover, friend, colleague, neighbor, parent, child, other family member - appears to be struggling with an addiction or other type of problem
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For several decades I have immersed myself in the ongoing study of relationships, spiritual thinking, creating love, and overcoming insecurities and fears.  Having faced my own inner turmoil and relationship struggles, I have developed new ways of thinking and being as well as real practical strategies to create and sustain love in my life. I approach you with an open heart, open mind and complete integrity. My goal and greatest joy is for YOU to find the love you are seeking and for ME to have the pleasure of assisting you.

I have worked with thousands of men, women, and couples (heterosexual and gay), helping and guiding them to discover their own unique passions, desires and capacities for healing and love. My unique method of somatic body psychotherapy (including the Rubenfeld Synergy Method, Polarity Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy) has been an intense catalyst for awareness, growth and change in all my clients.

As a syndicated columnist, my articles cover a wide variety of health and wellness issues, including sexuality, relationships, marriage, infidelity, healthy aging, and much more.  My popular Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me book series is available at Amazon as books and Kindle books.  And if you enjoy reading sexy romantic love stories, with a smattering of abuse to be overcome and hot sexuality, then please find my novel Love in the Blizzard of Life at Amazon.com. My seminars, intensive trainings and private sessions have moved people out of a place of being stuck, feeling unhappy and blaming others, into a broader perspective of love and forgiveness and readiness to follow their dreams.

Are YOU ready to discover the love within and attract lasting love relationships? What has been holding you back and what are you waiting for NOW?

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Erica Goodstone, PhD Success Stories

Feeling Like a Man Again


Harvey loves his wife of 15 years, Sandra, but somehow for ay least a year he had been avoiding sexual contact.  His wife kept reaching out to him and he found himself making all sorts of excuses.  Sometimes he would purposely stay at his office longer than needed so that he could get home late and complain that he had too much work to catch up on.  At other times he would stay in his home office, glued to his computer, until he knew his wife had gone to bed.  Sandra became increasingly upset, angry and then despondent.  She was even toying with the idea of following up on a flirtation with someone she had met at the gym.  Finally, she decided to seek outside help.more


At first, it appeared as if this marriage had run its course and they would be headed for divorce.  But after watching them together, I could see the emotional pain that each was experiencing and I had the sense they shared a true sense of love and compassion for each other.  The problem was that Harvey had been afraid and embarrassed to tell his wife that something was not right with him physically.  He was not waking up with erections and during the day he was rarely thinking about sex.  Although he still found Sandra attractive, he had no apparent sexual desire - for her or for anyone else.


It actually took several sessions, seeing this couple together and then each one separately for their private history and individual bodymind healing session.  When Harvey finally told Sandra what was really going on, the sense of relief in her entire body and demeanor was palpable.  She was so relieved.  That's when the healing began.  Harvey scheduled appointments with both a urologist and an endorcrinologist, discovering that low testosterone was interfering with his sexual drive.  Once his body chemistry improved and his sexual desire returned, I helped them sort through the many miscommunications and unexpressed emotions.  Soon they were hugging and kissing and cuddling like newly weds.  What a joy to watch them return to love.

Divorcing Unfaithful Spouse

Women seeking to end a relationship

Client was distraught about her recent discovery that her spouse had been unfaithful, but not just with one partner, with many.  She feared that she may have contracted an STD.  My goal was to help her regain a sense of her own well-being, to help her develop clarity about her situation, and to garner the strength to complete the divorce proceedings and move on without harboring resentment and emotional pain.more

My unique method of somatic body psychotherapy, using the Rubenfeld Synergy Method of Talk and Touch along with Polarity and Craniosacral Therapy, assisted my client to feel and express her emotions, to acknowledge her deep hurt and intense fears, and to gradually feel and express the love that is in her heart for herself and also for her soon to be be ex-spouse.

Back Together and More in Love Than Ever


John and Susan were childhood sweethearts, still loved each other deeply, but had fallen into a typical pattern of friendship and mutual caring without the spark of sexual desire and passion. John was seeking attention and contact with other women. Susan focused on caring for the children, working out at the local gym, and an occasional lunch date with a girlfriend to chat. Love is sometimes not enough to keep two people together when the passion and romance has dwindled. Fortunarly for Susan and John, they decided to do something about their current situation. In the first few sessions, as previously suppressed emotions came to the surface (anger, frustration, confusion, anxiety) the prognosis appeared almost hopeless. However, after that initial joint session, several individual sessions, and a few more joint sessions, the tone, the attitude changed. This couple, who had been sitting at opposite ends of the couch and looking away from each other, began to sit closer and closer, holding hands, smiling and obviously feeling that old sense of desire for each other. Both expressed how important it was for them to continue communicating, to set aside "dates" to enjoy being together, and to seek counseling again if they notice they are slipping back into living separate lives.

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