Which Way To True Love? Get A Roadmap So You Won’t Get Lost!

If you want true love, you need a roadmap! Let Dr. Wendy Lyon guide you to relationship success.

Are you single and longing for love, tired of dud dates or feeling stuck with the wrong guy?  How do you get from here to happily ever after?  You need to know your destination and you need a roadmap to get there!

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Are you wondering why it’s taking so long for you to find Mr. Right?  If you’re hoping to bump into your true love when you’re least expecting it…you might have a LONG wait ahead.  You want marriage and children in this lifetime?  Then, it’s time for you to consult a roadmap to help you get there.

Without a roadmap, you’re likely to bumble along, meeting people randomly and wondering why your relationships never work out.  My clients often share  horror stories about how they were blinded by lust and kept going back to someone who didn’t treat them well, or how  the one night stand became a boyfriend  (with very little in common) and  YEARS later they are finally able to let go and move on.  Would you take such a haphazard approach to any other aspect of your life?  Why leave your love life to chance when you could be on a clear path to true love?

1. The first step on your path is to identify where you are going.  What is your destination?  Do you want a long-term committed partnership?  Perhaps you’d like to be married and living in the suburbs, raising children and working part-time.  Maybe you’d like to have your own place and full-time career and have a special friend you see on the weekends.  Or you may not want a long-term relationship right now and you might prefer to date many people recreationally.  Decide what destination feels right for you…and if this is challenging, contact me for a complimentary consultation.

2. Next, let others know where you are going.  Tell the truth.  It’s common for singles to date without sharing what they really want.  Instead of saying that they’re looking for a life partner, they hang out and keep the conversation light.  Don’t be afraid to appear “rude” or to scare off the people you date.  The people who run away are clearly not good matches for you, and those who stay are more likely to be on the same page.  The sooner you tell the truth about your relationship destination, the better.  When you withhold important information, it’s hard to feel connected.  Don’t hide the things that matter most to you.   

Be direct and let people know where you stand.   If you are looking for your life partner, let the people you are dating know this. If you just want to have fun and date recreationally, this needs to be clearly communicated, too. And if you no longer want to see someone, let him or her know and don’t keep spending time together.

How can you tell the truth in your relationships?  Telling the truth allows for clearer communication, and makes it easier to be curious and interested in others, to listen with care, not make assumptions about what something means, and not take things personally. Telling the truth frees you to be your best self and have integrity in your life.

3. Before you can move forward on your love path, you need to be willing to let go of the past that keeps you stuck.  I see many clients who have been hurt, disappointed, or rejected in past relationships and now are afraid to get too close to anyone for fear of getting hurt again. If you’ve made it to adulthood, you’ve undoubtedly experienced hurt and disappointment in your relationships. Some of us hang on to old fears or old relationships and have a hard time letting go.

What fears have you brought with you from your past? When are you going to let them go?

I know it’s not easy to do by yourself, and I’d be glad to help you let go of the fears, doubts, situations and people that are no longer serving you.

When I was in graduate school, I was obsessed with making things work with my long-term boyfriend. Despite continual upsets, I was convinced that we were supposed to be together. Finally, I learned that if a romantic relationship feels like a disappointing project, it’s not the right relationship. It was time to let it go. But that didn’t mean I had to let go of my vision for a loving partnership. I’m very grateful that I was able to let go of my past relationships so that I could be available for the easy, joyful marriage I share with my husband of 10 years now.

4. Get a guide with a good roadmap.  Are you trying to navigate dating and relating without any expert guidance, education or training?  Would you expect to succeed in your career or any other aspect of your life with no expert guidance, education or training?  Don’t leave your love life to chance! 

For over 15 years, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals and couples to create fulfilling lives and lasting, loving partnerships.  I’m committed to helping you to live the life you love, to gain the clarity and confidence you need, and to attract the love of your life! 

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