5 Do-It-Yourself Way To Stay Young


The real secret to staying young is completely within your own control, and takes very little money.

Dr. Romance is aware that there is a heavy emphasis on youth in today's culture.  Companies and individuals want to sell you potions, clothing, makeup, diets, exercise and attitudes and other magic to help you stay young.  But, scientific research shows that these things rarely make a significant difference.  Of couse, living a healthy lifestyle will help you maintain your optimum health, and feel your best   But, the real secret to staying young is completely within your own control, and takes very little money.  

Here are 5 ways you can stay young:

1. Have gratitude.

Acknowledging all that you have and are will change your outlook immediately. Instead of complaining about birthdays, wrinkles or aches, give thanks that you’re healthier than so many others, and appreciate what you have.

2.  Be willing to learn. 

Learn something new. Whatever you’ve always wanted to know or be, you still can. Learn a language, or to play music, or to dance, or to sail a boat. It will literally keep your brain younger

3. Be open to new experiences. 

Meet some new people, go to a new place, try something different. It will refresh your outlook, and remind you of what you have to offer others.

4. Do something for someone else.

Volunteer, babysit, help a neighbor, give away something you don’t need any more. The ability to give reminds us that we have so much, and makes us happy.

5. Pamper yourself.

Most of us don't do enough pampering of ourselves, or take time to smell the roses.  It's the greatest stress reliever we have.  Take a day for yourself, have a massage, sit in a park and breathe in nature, have your favorite lunch. It’s like rebooting your computer – rejuvenating.

from The Ten Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make Before Forty

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