Dr. Romance Helps Spread The Love With Kindness

Dr. Romance Helps Spread The Love With Kindness
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Spreading kindness is the best way I know to be happy. If you want to spread kindness around, here a

Dr. Romance on spreading kindness:

Spreading kindness is the best way I know to be happy. If you want to spread kindness and love, here are some ideas:

  • Kindness begins on the inside. Learn to be as kind in talking to yourself as you are to others and keep improving. Self-talk sets the bar for the happiness in your life.
  • Letters, e-mails, notes and cards expressing kind words to your friends, kids or spouse and family, even when you live together or nearby. Getting uplifting messages will inspire anyone's day.
  • When you know someone who is ill, bereaved, down or needs help; get together with other friends and work together to get them what they need: whether it's a meal, some company or errands run.
  • So many of us are lost about how to help a friend in times of grief; but all that's really needed is a little kindness and a listening ear. Grief needs a witness, and you can listen sympathetically.
  • Don't forget to express your gratitude, beginning with the simple magic words: please and thank you. Manners are social lubricant that hold society together, and they show respect to others. There's respect for self (treating oneself as you would a good friend), respect for family and friends, respect for differences, like other cultures, races, religions. There are certainly rewards for kindness. It lubricates social connections, and lays a foundation for love, friendship, business success and social recognition in your own life.
  • One of the kindest things you can do for yourself is to keep a positive outlook and see the silver lining. Often we feel unlucky because we aren't noticing the luck we have. Even if something bad has happened, such as the loss of someone dear, the fact that you had such a person in your life was lucky, or having something to lose, in the first place, is lucky. By all means, express grief for your loss, but also remember the gift that you had whatever time with that person before the loss.
  • Every gift is an expression of love, and every giver should be thanked graciously, no matter what the gift is. Whether you're giving or receiving, what counts is the thought, not the value.

May you give and receive kindness as much as possible, for it will make you happy.

Adapted from: It Ends With You: Grow Up and Out of Dysfunction

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