Dear Dr. Romance: Every time I think about him it just hurts

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Dr. Romance helps a reader who recently fell in love with a guy going through a divorce.

Dear Dr. Romance:

I'm hoping you can offer some advice. I recently fell in love with a guy who was going through a divorce. We dated after the divorce, but not for long, even though it felt like it. He was separated about 10 months when we started dating, and he confessed to having a crush on me for a really long time.

He recently decided he missed his daughter too much and is giving up his career and life and moving to be closer to her. She is only 8, and the ex wife took her away. He won't allow me to even think about going with him.

I wonder if that's a sign he really wasn't that in to me. I just want to know so I know whether or not I should fight. Every time i think about him leaving, it hurts. Are there clear signs? Am i fighting a losing battle? Am I being selfish? Is this a journey a parent needs to take by himself? Love can sure hurt.

Dear Reader:

Trust your hunch. I think he was living out a fantasy, but found the price was way too high—loss of his family and daughter.

I'm sorry, but this is a big risk with men who haven't completed their divorces and aren't settled into being fully divorced. They try to ease their emotional pain with fantasy sex. You need to grieve and move on. "Surviving Loss and Thriving Again" will help you get over this loss. "Stupid Cupid" will help you find love that does not suck. The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again will help you avoid pitfalls like this and find a real relationship.

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