Dear Dr. Romance: 2 days later, he tells me he's working it out w

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One thing should NOT lead to another, until you get to know a guy well.

Dear Dr. Romance:

I met someone from online and we talked for a nite and we met that nite and one thing led to another and as it turns out he wanted to see me again.2 days later he tells me that hes trying to work this out with his exwife. How do I not go into that situation?  This is the second time it's
happend to me. Ive never been married and I just got out out of a violent relationship so I don't know
what to do?

Dear Reader:

You need to be very cautious, because you don't know how to tell the difference between an honest guy, an abusive guy, and a good guy. One thing should NOT lead to another, until you get to know a guy well. Many of the guys online are just looking for sex, and that's not what you want. Wear ratty underwear on the first few dates, to discourage you from taking your clothes off. Don't shave your legs. Do whatever you can to make sure your clothes will stay on your body.

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