Why Single Women Love Married Men


The real reason he never leaves home without his wedding ring & why his mistress couldn't care less.

But there is an upside. These single sirens aren’t forced to deal with the married mister’s emotional ups and downs. His financial woes are his business and his single girlfriend will never be forced to lose sleep over his personal issues. She could care less about his unfulfilling job and is glad that she doesn’t have to deal with his meddling mother. The effort (or lack thereof) that this undomesticated diva puts into cooking and cleaning is her business and there is minimal expectation that she nurture, massage a bruised ego or otherwise take care of someone else’s man.

Single women love married men because of the lack of responsibility and expectation that this type of relationship carries. They don’t want to be burdened by the commitment of honoring and supporting their partner but instead, are comforted by the fact that someone else is doing just that. This single girl is happy that his needs are being taken care of by his wife, even more so because she doesn’t want to be burdened with the responsibility of having to do it. And make no mistake. This new breed of mistress does not want him to leave his wife. And if he contemplates doing so, their liaison will fizzle. These single ladies rest easy, knowing that their lover’s doting wifey has sufficiently fed, watered and burped him so that she doesn’t have to do so. Single women love married men because the wife does the heavy lifting.

In a world where married men are this season’s must-have accessory, there is one piece of jewelry that today’s man never has to leave home without. Men no longer hide their wedding rings. They don’t shimmy them in their pockets and they don’t toss them into their gym bag. He doesn't have to because he knows that around every corner, there is a single woman willing to welcome him with open arms. That is, as long as his wife is willing to hold all the baggage.