Why Single Women Love Married Men


The real reason he never leaves home without his wedding ring & why his mistress couldn't care less.

She walks into a bar and takes a quick appraisal of her surroundings. She’s looking for something very specific. Sure, looks are important but that’s really not what she latches onto. This chick is looking for something beyond a late-night booty call but far less intense than a full-fledged relationship. She longs for the perks of a typical dating romance but is repulsed by the thought of the responsibility that an actual relationship would bring. Tall, dark and handsome aren’t the only monikers that this single gal looks for in a mate. Gone are the days of strategically seeking emotional availability and financial security. All this unhitched heroine wants to know is, “Are you married?” And she hopes that the answer is, “Yes.”

In their 2007 survey, MSNBC.com/iVillage revealed that roughly 28% of married men had cheated on their spouse at least once. But who are married men cheating with? Most wives assume that it is a harlot, equally as unhappy in her own relationship. Maybe she’s his co-worker and her husband just doesn’t understand her. Or perhaps it’s your husband’s sex-crazed ex who’s still hanging on to that night they spent together in college. Whoever she is, this broad must be desperate and lonely with low self-esteem. After all, she is settling for your scraps, incapable of sustaining a healthy relationship of her own. Maybe all of this is true. Or maybe she doesn’t want a man that’s hers and hers alone. Maybe she’s perfectly fine not having a full-time beau. Maybe, just maybe, she wants a man that is married.

In cities like Atlanta, Ga, where the women outnumber the men by an alarming 20:1 ratio, some single gals are becoming less picky and finding comfort in unavailable men. Of course, there are those who want a monogamous happily ever after, but there remain the sorority of singles who seek out men that they not only can’t have, but those that they don’t necessarily want.

To this selective group of ladies, married men are the new black. But to a single woman, what could be so enticing about a married man? After all, if a married man is showing an interest in someone other than his wife, honesty and trust are not something that he is interested in cultivating. As evidenced by his pursuit of a date outside of matrimony, he can’t possibly show you the respect that you deserve. His wife and family are his first priority, so he won’t be available to you whenever you need him. Holidays and family gatherings will never be spent together and in the end, you would be cut the moment his wife found out about your secret rendezvous.

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