Fear of Failure's 9 Unusual Faces

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Fear of failure limits success in love and life and it has many hidden faces.

In an informal survey of successful entrepreneurial CEOs, I found that 100% of them wanted more courage and confidence in at least some situations, and 100% knew they had fears that blocked their success. These entrepreneurs later stated it was a relief to know that all of their colleagues also had fears. Does it help you to know that highly successful CEOs also have fears?

Fear of failure is one of the most common fears that blocks success. It's a tricky fear, though, because it has many faces — some obvious and some not. Below are nine of the fear of failure faces.

Fear of Failure Face #1: Not Giving 100%
This fear comes from the belief that if you give 100% and fail, then you're a failure. This is the most devastating form of fear of failure because it seems hopeless, as if you're permanently flawed. This fear of failure face first occurred to me after talking with a women's college basketball player. The coach referred her to me because she was extremely talented but horribly underperforming and, therefore, warming the bench. In our first session, she said: "Basketball is my life. All my self-value is wrapped up in it, so if I give 100% and fail, that means I’m a failure. If I don't give 100%, I have an excuse for why I failed, so I'm not a failure."

You can correct this type of thinking by reframing your thoughts or changing your beliefs. A reframed thought for this athlete was: "I'm already successful. I’m in college and have a basketball scholarship. I'm ready to give basketball my all and have fun again." Keep reading...

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This article was originally published at Dr. TC North . Reprinted with permission from the author.