Do Sparks Fly When You First Meet Someone?


If sparks fly when you first meet someone you need to pursue this relationship

If sparks fly when you first meet someone it can mean chemistry is there for you both of you. I suggest you pursue this relationship. It could be "love at first signt" which you may or may not believe in.

Over the years I have had strong attractions to many men only to find out they have more baggage than I care to deal with.`They ended up being toxic with all the co-pendent issues there. I began to wonder if there were indeed healthy ones since I was burned before by abusive treatment so I was leary after so many years of being disappointed and heart broken.

As I weeded out my addictions and co-dependency I began to see the subtle distinction between healthy vital attraction and an addictive charge. I had some excellent therapy and coaching which helped me understand relationships better.I prayed to have well honed discernment.

By the time I met my husband of 35 years I was a centered, healthy woman with full confidence in myself. These sparks were stronger than any I had ever experienced and I wanted to learn more about him. I thought I was truly in love with him and was very honest about what I wanted and expected in a partnership.

I felt I could be totally myself with this man who valued my feelings and thoughts. Somewhere down deep I believed in "love at first signt" and began to see this was right for me. I insisted we develop a friendship first before I let go into the sexual attraction.

He respected me for the way I stood up for myself and wasn't willing to speed on until we got to know one another well over the next year. He wanted to get married much sooner than I was willing to commit to that. Two years later we did marry and I still can feel those sparks when I think of him or am near him even now. He feels the same towards me much stronger than the initial meeting.

So go slow and be willing to have faith that if this relationship is right for you it will last all the ups and downs of life as you do so together.

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