8 Ways Your Anger Will Break Up Your Relationship

how your anger will break up your relationship

Misused anger is one of the biggest reasons for breakups.

Anger is a complicated emotion and usually, it's a way for us to mask our deeper emotions like fear and anxiety. You can learn to let go of your anger instead of letting it fester inside as resentment.

Unfortunately, it's easy to misuse anger and it often contaminates a relationship. When we give in to anger, we lose control in the moment and then feel guilty for the damage it does to our loved ones. This is very damaging in marriages and is one of the main causes of breakups. Your partner can become defensive, avoid or even counter-attack in arguments. This results in strained relationships that are anything but fulfilling. The first step in getting help is to recognize what you're doing wrong, so here are eight signs to look for in yourself:

1. You refuse to accept personal responsibility. This is the blaming syndrome. It occurs in someone who's insecure, has low self-esteem or an enlarged ego. You always place responsibility on your partner or unusual circumstances. This is a common problem in children, but in an adult is a sign of gross immaturity.

2. You get easily impatient. As life grows busier and more complicated, there is a tendency to speed up to get everything done. You begin to work faster, talk faster, drive fast and you become steadily more impatient with anyone or anything that gets in your way. Accompanying your impatience is anger constantly generated by your frustration. You want the world to hurry up or get out of your way and it doesn't. That makes you mad and you redirect your anger at your partner. Keep reading...

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