Getting Physical: 5 Date Night Ideas For Athletic Couples


5 Date Night Ideas For Athletic Couples. Love getting physical…I mean doing physical activities.

I am not your typical athletic type, more the geeky type. However, I love getting physical…I mean doing physical activities that push me to do something more exciting than movies, candle lit dinners and romantic walks along the beach.  Getting out and pushing your limits is a fabulous way to get to know your partner, see how you work as a team, and most importantly how well you communicate.


Top 5 ideas that get your endorphins going and include fun physical contact.

1. Rock Climbing: Two people working together to reach new heights. Work on trust as you belay each other beyond the boring date doldrums. Most indoor climbing centers are open till 9pm, so try dinner and a climb! I take my man climbing and drive him up a wall as I flirt from 35 ft.
2. Night Hiking: Strap on your headlamp, (not the most attractive accessory but needed, unless you opt for sunset) pack some snacks and see the world by starlight.  Again, a great way to grow closer by adding a little challenge to the usual hike.
3. Horseback riding: Ok, this one is a little of a cliché, however, I have seen some great twists on the usual. In Hot Springs, NC, they have “Saddle and Soak,” where you ride then soak in the hot springs. In Tucson, there is a horseback ride with wine tasting – I think horses are exempt from DUIs. Check out what is available in your area.
4. Couples Yoga: Nothing says, “I want this date to continue,” like testing the flexibility of your loved one…need I say more.
5. Dance Class: Get a little closer with a Tango class, learn to wiggle those hips with Salsa, or get your heart pumping with Swing or Hip Hop. All dance classes teach non-verbal communication and allow for time to be romantic.


The list above focuses on things in almost everyone’s backyard.  If you would like to go for bigger thrills, adventure companies offer several tours such as: biking Hadrian’s Wall, Kayak Coastal tours, zip lining, and sail boarding or sailing classes. If you want to truly get out and live, I recommend one adventure a month. At least that way, you have something to talk about at dinner parties! It is a prescription I give to all my patients. For more information contact Dr. Susan Lundgren