Engaged? 4 Ways To Tell Whether Your Marriage Will Work

Engaged? 4 Ways To Tell Whether Your Marriage Will Work [EXPERT]

If you're wondering whether or not to say "I do," you've come to the right place.

4. No relationship education course. Marriage partnership presents tough challenges along the road to long-term success in marriage. Are you ready for them?

Being boyfriend and girlfriend is like sledding; just hop on and enjoy the ride and you'll probably have fun and be safe. Marriage is more like skiing; it's a highly-skilled activity. To ski safely, you need to have learned a batch of technical skills. If you want to be able to enjoy marriage, you should master at least the basics of collaborative communicating, keeping anger at bay, and making decisions as equal-say partners.

Many researchers have found that couples, engaged and/or married, who complete a marriage education course have higher odds of marriage success and satisfaction than those who assume they are fine without additional skill-building. Engaged & Thinking About Your Ex?

A study by Christina J. Kalinka, Frank D. Fincham and Abigail H. Hirsch, published in the Journal of Family Psychology, established that an online marriage ed communication skills course can teach the necessary skills for marriage just as effectively as a course that couples go to for in-person classes. With 24/7 online access, there is no excuses left about not being able to get out at night.  Online learning makes the cost minimal as well.

Stack the odds in your favor. Get the skills you need for a successful marriage, and let yourself enjoy a long and gratifying marriage partnership!


Susan Heitler, Ph.D. is a Denver clinical psychologist who specializes in couples therapy, and is author of the book and online relationship communication skills course called Power of Two.