Come on Moms You Know You Want To "SCREAM!"


Dr. Sue screams about the trials and tribulations of motherhood!

Yesterday I met my friend for coffee and we shared our “War” stories about our children. My friend reported to me that she had to eat dinner one night on the toilet, yes ladies the toilet, to have a little piece on mind. “It was one of those days” she said and I knew exactly what she was talking about. I’ve had plenty of those days as a Mom. You know, the days when you feel as though every last nerve in your body is being squeezed to the point where they will pop. Or, when your beautiful child keeps poking you and saying, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy can you……” We have all had these days as a Mom.

In fact, I had one of these “War” days last week. I was having my PMS week and boy was I having a day. Not only did I wake up bloated that morning. I also had a headache and wanted to eat everything and anything in the house. Come on ladies, you have had those days too. My mantra for the day was, “Stay out of Mommy’s way because I have no tolerance for noise or complaining.” Mush to my chagrin my mantra did not go over so well. From the moment the sun came up, my kids were ready to go. They were louder than usual, fighting with each other and basically just being a typical brother and sister. The problem was that this PMS mommy had no tolerance for this normal behavior.

As the day progressed, things just got progressively worse and so did my hormone levels. I’m sure the 6 cups of coffee did not help either. By the time the 4 o’clock hour hit I was reading to “SCREAM!” And so I did! I removed myself from the family room where my 5- year- old little princess was pulling the head off of my 7- year- old son’s power ranger figure saying, “It’s mine and if you don’t give it back I am going to turn that power ranger into a girl.” I quietly left the room and then quickly ran through the garage into the driveway where my SUV sat, got it, shut the door and I “SCREAMED!” I screamed so loud that I am surprised the neighbors did not come out running. I screamed for myself and for every mom in this world that has days like the one I was having!

I “SCREAMED” for “MOTHERHOOD” and ladies it felt soooooooooo “GOOD!” This was my Scream Therapy!

What a relief I felt! I went right back inside and greated my children with “Renewed” energy! I let that tension go!

Just let it out Moms! Get Your Spirit Back and Scream! (Just please do it in a place where you are alone-that’s the psychologist talking in me).

Dr. Sue
Parenting Expert, Mom & Psychologist