7 Tips To Boost Kids' Confidence Before School Starts

7 Tips To Boost Kids' Confidence Before School Starts [EXPERT]

As the new school year approaches, consider these important parenting lessons.

6. Create a safe, loving home environment. Kids who do not feel safe or are abused at home are at the greatest risk for developing poor self-esteem. A child who is exposed to parents who fight and argue repeatedly may feel they have no control over their environment. They may become helpless or depressed. Why Your Teen Shouldn't Worry About Body Image

Also, watch for signs of abuse by others, problems in school, trouble with peers and other factors that may affect a child's self-esteem. Encourage your kids to talk to you or other trusted adults about solving problems that are too big to solve by themselves.

7. Help kids become involved in constructive experiences. Activities that encourage cooperation rather than competition are especially helpful in fostering self-esteem. For example, mentoring programs in which an older child helps a younger child learn to read, can do wonders for both kids. Volunteering and contributing to your local community can have positive effects on self-esteem for everyone involved.

Please remember that self-esteem is a child's greatest defense against the challenges of the world. It is our responsibility as parents to raise our children "up" to all that they can be.

Dr. Sue

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