6 Tips To Becoming A Positive Role Model In Your Child's Life


Dr. Sue offers parents important tips on being a positive role model to your children.

Children imitate what they observe. From a very young age, children are like sponges, soaking up everything that they are seeing. Parents, be a role model that your children can admire and emulate.

Being a positive role model in your children’s lives consists of showing them to be kind, giving and sensitive human beings to themselves and others. Sometimes, we tend to forget these very important emotional aspects of development. Remember, being kind to yourself first teaches you how to be kind to others.

Your children are watching you very closely. They are observing how you act, behave and relate to others. They are incorporating your values and beliefs. Remember you have a tremendous power to direct your children on a positive path to becoming successful individuals.

Here are 6 “Tips” to help you be the role model your children deserve:

1. Do you model a life of passion and purpose, where you feel vibrant and alive, or does your life include things, such as your job, that you constantly complain about and profess to hate?

2. Do you model taking good care of yourself physically, or do you eat junk food, continue to be overweight, smoke cigarettes or not exercise?

3. Do you effectively resolve conflicts with other people, or do
you withdraw, stomp your feet, slam doors, get mad or do everything you can to avoid confrontations?

4. Does your family see you handling life's disappointments with a rational, positive strategy, or do you medicate the problems with food, alcohol, drugs, gambling or other addictive behaviors?

5. Do you model high morals by avoiding such behaviors as gossiping, lying to employers, cursing and taking unfair advantage?

6. Do you go through the day with energy, feeling totally alive,
or are you constantly tired, stressed, emotionally flat or even
depressed, worried and unhappy? http://drphil.com/articles/article/169/ (From Dr. Phil’s book Family First)

Be the role model your children deserve!

Dr. Sue

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