10 Tips To Becoming An Empowering Parent!


Dr. Sue gives you her top 10 list of parenting tips!

I have worked with families all over the country. The one question I am often asked is, "How can I increase my child's self esteem?" My answer is always the same, "It begins with you empowering yourself with self acceptance!" When you have self acceptance and self confidence, your children mirror these attributes. After all, as parents we are our children's "Best Role Models."

Parenting does not come with a road map. We all need help sometimes. Even I need direction sometimes and I am a "parenting expert." So here are my top 10 parenting tips for empowering children with self confidence. Remember it starts with you!

Dr. Sue's Top 10 Parenting Tips
1.  Move your kids towards "CONFIDENCE!" Tell them (1) You are special (2) you are important (3) You matter to me!
2. A little time spent with your child each day amounts to a lot!
3. When your kids ask for your attention stop what you are doing and give it to them.      

4. Tell your child, "You are unique.” It is important to appreciate the amazing qualities your kids have and focus on them."
5.  When children set goals for themselves they are more likely to achieve them. Help your child write down his or her full goal Statement on a piece of paper and have them carry it with them wherever they go!
6. Getting better at something doesn't have to take a lot of time, but it does require determination. A little time spent on one thing everyday can make a big difference.
7. Encouragement means Acknowledgement! Say statements such as, “You did it!” “Great Job!” Daily!

8.Mistakes Happen! Encourage children to so better the next time! It helps your child to accept their own shortcomings.
9. Provide children with experiences for success!

10.Give children and “I Can Attitude” Can’t means won’t! Can means I will try!

Dr. Sue